Walletgate 2013: Update #1

Three hours at the bank this morning to make a claim and petition the bank to give me back the money that the thieves debited from my account. (I have fraud protection but apparently this is still the norm here in Mexico.)

I need to file a police report in order to obtain my replacement work visa and submit to the bank.

That ought to be fun.

Living in Paradise is awesome all the time, see kids?

(I'm so thankful for a friend who is going to the police station with me. My "crime" Spanish isn't so hot.)




  1. if you can't change things, you might as well name them... walletgate. :) love it. hang in there, friend!

  2. I was grocery shopping last night, with Brody....and could not stop thinking about the fact someone STOLE your wallet....not only directly from your cart, but WITH your toddler sitting in it? Ugh.....I'm so sorry that happened to you! Impossible to understand....Hang in there!


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