Sutff I recently bought.

4/05/2013 05:30:00 AM
Neon jacquard pleated skirt. I bought it here.
It's anything but neon. It's a mint color and I love the structure of it.

Floral print sheath dress. I bought it here.
It's springy and cute and definitely longer on me. Because I'm short. Love it.

Classic Striped Woven Dress. I bought it here.
Again, structured and simple and springy and CHEAP. Longer on me, again. Because, well. I'm not tall.

Shirred Tie-Dye Skirt. I bought it here.
It's orange and peach. It's cute. Looks adorable with a white tank tucked in. It does float northward because my "high waist" inherited from my Mom's side of the family is so awesome.

Mini Dot Black Rug. I bought it here.
I'm ridiculously tired of my living room rug. I need something that can handle all the traffic and spills and a light-colored rug just won't do. I love chevron, but I think I'd get sick of it in two shakes of a lamb's tail. (Nope, I've actually never used that idiom before.)

Magic Carpet (Non-flying edition - Lavender.) I bought it here.
Lila needs a new rug in her room. So - away will go the allergy-laden shag rug and in will come this 100% cotton rug, chosen by Lila Ross herself. Cute. I was shocked she didn't want pink. That will change the minute it arrives.

New Balance Kids KV890V3. I bought them in Ohio, but here they are online.
Lila LOVES them and I've got to admit: I'd wear them, too.



  1. Everything is so cute!! I love that black polka dot rug. I had a dark rug and HATED it. It showed every fleck of dirt and dust. Maybe with the polka dots you won't notice it though. I want to hear how you like it...

    1. I know! I'm concerned about the rug, too. I have an orange one on stand by just in case I can't handle the lint/flecks on this one. If that happens - this will go into the bedroom and I'll get the orange one. I shall let you know how it goes. I'm hoping the polka dots save me, too!

      Choosing rugs is SO HARD.


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