Recap - Toledo Trip

Last week I wrote a, "How to conquer air travel with two toddlers" guide but I never shared photos from the actual trip. I didn't take a lot, well -- because as you can imagine, it was EXHAUSTING. (How do single parents do it?)

So, here we are.

Ignore the fact that they're not perfect - I don't feel like photo editing. :)

We got there and it was cold... for my little ladies who have never experienced snow.The girls adored wearing winter coats. (Thank you, Aunt Nadja!)

We went back to Ohio to celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday and to attend my cousin's fiance's wedding shower. My entire extended family (give or a take a couple) came back, too. It was really great.


This is my sister's sweet boy, Eli. He's two. And adorable. And talkative. And smart. (He knows his colors, shapes (octagon versus pentagon) and can do an ABC puzzle -- as in putting the letters where they go AND knowing the sounds.)


This is Lila trying to get Eli to dance.

Nana playing with Lila and Eli.

Lila gazing at her Uncle Lance. She feels he is very funny.


Sweet Aubrey. Beautiful Aubrey.

Sisters at the Zoo!

(Vivi wore that hat pretty much the whole time we were there.)

Because attempting a photo with children is always easy.

I love this.

Lovely face, Lila.

My Grandma and my Vivi at the party at the zoo.

There's nothing cooler than seeing my daughter with my cousin's daughter... Ah, the next generation...

We played my Grandma's favorite game at the party: bingo.

Vivienne was the first winner. :)

And our attempted family photo.

That would be my children, in pjs next to my brother-in-law, my sister (in orange), vested Eli screaming, Aubrey looking elsewhere and that's my Mom in the bottom right.

I'd say that about sums it up.

We were a disheveled mess.

They're all kind of smiling for the shower the next day!

Look at Vivi's face.


Cousin hugs.

Against my better judgement, this happened.
And they loved it.

For the first time ever, they wore zip-up footed fleece pajamas. Bellies were zipped up more than once.

I sort of loved the snow and the cold. A nice change of pace. Would I move back to the snow and cold?

Absolutely not.

(That's the same coat I've had for probably 10 years. My "cold weather" wardrobe is stuck in 2004. Hot.)

Each time we were in the car, she fell asleep. EACH TIME.

It snowed the day before we left. They were pumped.

Because then they got to do this with their Mimi.

(Mimi gets 100 points for scrounging up enough snow to make a snowman. She definitely made something out of nothing!)

It was a fast, but great, trip. :)

I'm tired again just thinking about it.


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  1. Those shopping carts are good for their immune systems. My kids are in them a couple times a week! :-)

    Family photos are hard to get!


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