Ladies Lunes: 3 tons of photos. (You're welcome.)

It's been a busy month. I need to document, because unintentionally this blog has become archival in purpose: a scrapbook to my daughters. (Definitely not my intention that fateful day in 2006 when I started this blog.) Ah, life. 'Tis a funny thing.

So, back to Ladies Lunes. As you all know by now, "Lunes" means "Monday" in Spanish. Which would be irrelevent if we still lived in the midwest and especially since we're not Mexican by heritage. But we live in Mexico and hablamos Español so we use "Lunes."

So bear with me as we catch up.


Vivi continues to be Vivienne. She has a lot of personality and virtually no inner compass requiring her to listen to her parents.

I'm reading a parenting book right now. (Or three.) Hopefully that helps.

Lila is still working on her masterpiece. Most recently she added glitter and sequins to it.

Vivi talks incessantly. Full sentences. She's fluent in English (for a two-year-old) and from what I'm told, is doing really well with her Spanish.

She likes headbands.

So Easter came. The egg painting was a hit but was literally over in 4 seconds.

18 eggs for two toddlers is not.enough. But we ate deviled eggs for 13 days post-Easter.  That was enough.

>>(Click "keep reading" to see the rest of the pictures.)

I really have no words for how much I love these two.

So different. So awesome.

Notice what's happening here? I do. It's sharing. It's what siblings who are close in age do. They share space. They know nothing different. I never had this. I'm in awe of it daily.

**Let's be real though. They argue 1200 times a day.

I was feeling Martha Stewart-esque so on that same egg-painting day so we made cut-out cookies, too. It was Vivi's first time. (She has a mullet. My "bangs" idea didn't work.)

Lila? She's a pro.

She took her first bite of what it appears to have been salmonella-free cookie dough (she didn't get sick) and said, "I like it."

She then repeated that simple sentence over and over and over again about 34 times.

"I like it."

"I like it, Mommy."

"I like it."

That face.

We took her outside into the courtyard to change her clothes. I mean, that was a lot of flour.

Those shoulders.

This one managed to handle the flour better.

That's because she's a professional kid.

And then it was the day before Easter. We were on our way to a party. Please remark about out how happy Lila is.

(It had nothing to do with the ears, either. She wanted to wear them. As a matter of fact, she choose that whole outfit.)

I ended up getting a smile out of her. :)


And then the Easter bunny came.

And then they were blurry... and very, very happy. (Easter morning.)

Lila ate half of her Easter bunny on Easter morning before breakfast and then ate the remaining half two weeks later. (That's Lila/Craig.)

Vivienne ate her entire Easter bunny before breakfast. (That's Vivienne/Me.)

There is Vivienne enjoying that chocolate bunny.

Lila looks 13.

This grieves my heart.

But then I thank God for photos like this where I still see my baby if I squint.


And then there's this one. Chocolate.Everywhere.

So next we were off to my sister's house.
Lila was all business again. (As usual.)

But as she always does, she cracked a smile. :)

I love her.

Easter hat? Check.
Easter Bunny carrot bubble necklace? Check.
Olivia Newton-John style-dress? Check.
Crocs as a sensible footwear choice? Check.

Our little family at my sister's.

Notice our tans? Exactly. We understand the damage sun can do. Plus, only recently has it warmed up to swim.

The Easter Egg Hunt commenced.

Next to Lila is Callie, my niece Chloe's best friend. Callie is part of our family. Chloe, my sweet niece who is GROWING FAR TOO QUICKLY THAN I PREFER, is on the right next to Vivienne.


Oh that smile.

And that face.

Sisters who take Easter egg hunting very, very seriously.

Lila with her favorite favorites.

I think one of the things I adore about this child is that although she is introverted and quiet, she does this.

She laughs with her entire being.

In this house, that's respected.

My babies.

And then there's this one.

She's always on.

She just recently started pronouncing the "L" in Lila's name. She's no longer "Eye-lah." She's LIE-lah."

Growing up. [sigh]

She also dumps water on her head in the pool and bathtub merely to illicit a laugh.

<br>And this is normal Vivienne.

(I have no idea why I couldn't center this photo.)

Lila's super into lip gloss.

Here she is wearing 3 tablespoons of it.

She had just made some "petal soup" or "leaf cake". (In the bucket.)

Let's keep it real.

In our courtyard on a weekend, you'll probably see this.

Clothes and paintings.

Matching pajamas. This isn't me, friends.
They like to dress alike.

Daddy hugs.



This melts my heart.

So does this face.

Lila got a bike.
(Sorry about the bright flash.)

The ladies are loving the pool these days.

My sweet girl.

No, those are not leaves on the ground. They're hibiscus flowers. Ah, life in Cabo.

Lila got a belt.

(Note she is more excited about the belt than the bike. That's my girl. Fashion over exercise.) :)


This is some petal soup for me.
As made by Lila.

Rest time at the beach club.

Always mischievous.

Vivi carried her keyboard outside outside this past weekend. (After having chosen her outfit from head to toe.)

And she sang.

We went to a birthday party this past weekend and the ladies had a good time. :)

I loved the colors.

And you guys.

Here is my heart.

It's these two.

I love this one.


Thanks for sitting through all of those. I had to post them.

Have a great week, you guys.



  1. This entire post made me happy.

    I adore Vivi's mullet. Meadow's is just beginning.

    Maybe it's me--but I think it's evident through pictures how unique and individual your girls are. I think that is the mark of really good parenting. I really do. You let them be who they are and I think that take work and a lot of patience.

    Bravo to you and C!

  2. OH MY, I loved this entire post, including ALL the lovely photos!!

    Your girls, oh your girls are just too much!

    I love how they each have their own personality that is totally different from the other, but yet they ARE sisters who just love each other and love being with each other so much and it is so obvious. LOVE IT.

    I don't even know where to start, but my favorites are Vivi with the chocolate all over her face and hands. I mean, come on! Perfection.

    And then Lila in her dress with the belt, striking a pose. Seriously, is she 8 now?! So freak'n cute!

    It is funny, because when I see Vivi I totally SEE you. The expressions are all you. And Lila, it is that laugh and her clothes that remind me of great.

    Thanks for sharing all these awesome photos!!


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