I hear Kmart has free shipping.

4/16/2013 01:16:00 PM
(I am purposefully not writing about the Boston Marathon tragedy today. I just don't have words. I'm not ignoring it; hear me on that. I just don't have words... Wrestling Kitties wrote a post on her blog today that I think we all can relate to. Check out Running Chatter (Summer's) blog, too.)

Have you heard the hullabaloo about kmart's new commercial? Apparently it's gone viral. (Which will forever sound to me like a pinkeye outbreak to me. Blech.)

A co-worker showed it to me yesterday and I watched it with my puritan-heart; mouth agape.

You have 34 seconds free to watch this. Watch it.

What do you think?

(My thoughts are in the comments.)



  1. After I got over the initial shock and awe, I liked this.

    Let's face it, kmart has gone down the crapper. They're blue-light specials have been replaced by that annoying Walmart bouncing face thing. They had to do something, kmart stores are closing all over the country.

    If an in-your-face, humor-based, slightly offensive commercial brings some jobs back for Americans who NEED employment -- I'm all for it.

    I told Craig this morning, I just might checkout what's for sale on kmart.com.

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!

    Ok, I am sorry but this is totally my humor! I must watch this again. LOVE IT!

    I think I am going to check out their website just because of this ad and because I want to ship my pants freely :-)

    1. Lol. That made me laugh.

      "...ship my pants freely."

  3. I think I just woke the kids up from my loud laughter.


  4. This was really funny! Bravo Kmart : )

  5. I thought this was GREAT. Sorta like those horrible credit check ID theft sing along commercials and the dumb pig / Geico commercial.


  6. Totally funny and ridiculous. And, let's face it, it's not like they are offending their shoppers! Would be funny as an SNL skit too. Starring Andy Samberg and feat. Justin Timberlake. OH YEAH!


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