I don't think I want to lean in.

4/09/2013 10:50:00 AM
You've all heard about the Lean In thing these days, right? Facebook COO has written a book explaining the ins and outs of female leadership in the world world advising women to lean in to their careers.


Read this post.

Let me know what you think.



  1. Yuck. I can't stand that woman who wrote that book. I know that's very anti-feminist of me. I think working women have it hard enough.

  2. Thanks for the shout out to my post about Lean In. To be clear, I didn't hate the book, I just think (as I think Chicago Mom is saying) that it doesn't represent the reality of many of us who are already working and raising kids. We don't need to be told to lean in. We need to start pushing back.

  3. Ms. Facebook COO has no doubt been on the receiving end of millions in stock options and had time to write a book. She is NOT the norm....and her reality cannot be compared to the average woman's who is not an executive with executive privileges, in addition to executive responsibility. The average woman expected to "lean in" won't be on the receiving end of Ms. Facebook's long term benefits for short term sacrifice.

    Having "Leaned In" or better put, worked far too many hours for far too many years, answer FAR FAR too many emails on a 18/7 basis, for well over 15 years of my adult life and, therefore most of my son's childhood and much of my daughter's, ladies...all I can say is there is and will always be sacrifice. No one gets an award, however, for making the most sacrifice....unfortunately by its very nature, sacrifice means being sacrificed...you must figure out what is the best thing to sacrifice for you....THAT is a personal decision and one that will always, quietly, be full of some regret, some pride and some sadness - likely not fulfillment.

    No one needs to tell a woman who works, raises her kids, tries to live her life to the best of her ability, how to do it....we just need to pat each other on the back and say "way to go! you ARE doing it!"


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