Hooky, Shake-it's and Mariachi

We skipped Lila's ballet class today and headed down to Cabo. We all wanted to play a little hooky. The sun was shining, it's Spring Break... we needed some time out and about.

Lila fell asleep in the car. (I love how she still wears her sunglasses upside-down.)

We ended up eating at Johnny Rocket's with the girls. I think it was Vivienne's first time eating there?

She was so excited.

Anywho, shake-it's (milk shakes) were promised.

And enjoyed.

Then, as it's prone to happening in Los Cabos, even at an "American" restaurant, the first of two mariachi trios petitioned our table for a song or two.

Vivienne enjoys mariachi music...


Not so much.

(**This is my favorite picture in quite some time.)

Look at the singer's face.

Look at Lila's face.

SO, Lila.



  1. HAHA! Their faces are TOO CUTE. Love it.

  2. This post was so cute, I smiled the whole time I read it. The pictures, "shake its" (stop it) and the look on the mariachi guitarist? OMG....compared with Lila's? So so funny!

    1. I know, right? I adore this picture of Lila. She's giving me the, "This is crazy. You're annoying." look more often than I think an almost-four-year-old should. :)


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