Has tweeting died?

4/01/2013 08:46:00 AM

Do people still tweet?

I haven't actively tweeted for quite some time and I'm slightly confident that I haven't missed anything.

I'm wondering if people are finally at their social media max. I mean, seriously. I've enjoyed Instagram because I love photos and I'm nosy. But even I'm like, really? Another photo of her dinner?

Your thoughts? Tell me in the comment section or in this poll.

I still use the following social media outlets daily. (Check all that apply.)





  1. The relationships that I have forged with some women on twitter have been life-saving at some points. I know twitter isn't for everyone, and I'm not sure what this says about me, but they're my confidants even states away. It's on the internet, but locked, it's my private safe place. I've removed the people that I don't want knowing my business.

  2. Ugh. I have to say that social media is a constant internal battle with me.

    I get on twitter maybe once or twice a week....and I really don't know why. Perhaps I am curious (nosy) and check in. But except for a handful of people, all of whom I have emails for and can just email them, I really get nothing from it and am bored and over it.

    Facebook....I get on it every day. Multiple times a day. I do like FB because I can keep up with family and friends. But I do get tired of all the BS with facebook. Political posts, those little cards that are "humorous" that people post, and the games. It gets old. I will keep it because I can keep in touch with people and see what is going on.

    Instagram. I like it to a point, though I feel like all I post are pictures of my son and I am sure that gets old. It is nice to see pictures and have the ability to quickly post something to a small group of people. And while I check it at least once a day, I am not sure how long I will keep it. Right now, I enjoy it.

    I do not know what any of those other things are :)

    Can I say that what annoys me about social media is that because I constantly have access and see what is going on with people I no longer call or email people as much. OK, I am not a phone talker anyways....but I use to email/write people more and now I don't because I know what is going on and I talk to them on FB, or instagram or twitter. And while it is great to be able to keep in touch and know what it is going on, part of me wishes I didn't know everything that is going on and have constant access to people's lives so that when I see them in person we have stuff to talk about!

    Again, constant internal battle!!! :-)

  3. I tweet every day...although not as often as I used to. Working at home means tweeting takes a back seat to work. :) And I'm on Facebook every day. I actually keep both sites open in the background and check them periodically throughout the day. You know, in case something important happens. HA! Google+ is kind of useless in my opinion. Others might love it. Me, not so much. For me, other things like Pinterest and Instagram get less of my "social media attention"...I just can't keep up with all of it. I think we're all going to reach that maxed out level very soon.

  4. I'm a big fan of Instagram. Getting peeks into other people's lives is interesting to me. And, I've begun following a bunch of quilters/creative types and I love seeing pics of their projects from beginning idea stages through to the end.

    I tweet, but not a whole lot. I could do without Twitter.

    Facebook ... meh. I don't like how Facebook has changed who can see your stuff. I don't like that at all. People at work, whom I'm NOT friends with, will make comments to me about my Facebook stuff, because someone they are friends with has commented on my stuff, and that friend has their page wide open, so their friends are seeing my stuff. Annoying. And the Facebook lurkers. Those are the WORST. I'll forget I'm friends with someone on Facebook because they never, ever post anything, yet, I'll see them and they'll comment on something that I posted. I'm shocked because I'm like whaaa? how did you know about that? OH YEAH you stalk me on Facebook yet don't share a thing about yourself! Granted, I over-share online anyway with my blog, but, I share what I choose to share, not everything.

    You know what I've noticed lately that makes me crazy?! People need to proofread their stuff! I see so so so many typing errors and/or phone autocorrects that people don't correct before hitting send. Maybe I'm just too particular, but when it's an obvious error it just seems super sloppy. It's only a sentence or sometimes just a few words. Proofread people!

  5. I "listen" on twitter. I follow mostly news stations, weather stuff, and other INFO related things. I have stopped following celebrities that I thought would be funny. Turns out, it's just chatter.


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