Dolphins, rugs, sickness and more.

4/21/2013 06:13:00 PM
A whole lot of random today.

#1. I saw dolphins on Friday. Ok, me and a bunch of toddlers saw dolphins on Friday but if I were being completely honest, I cared less about the toddlers and most about the dolphins. I was a volunteer parent for Lila's class field trip.

I believe that Lila is the only English-as-a-first-language speaker in her class... which was a wee eventful since toddler-Spanish is hard for me to understand. I heard, "La mama de Lila!" over and over again when Santiago, Vivianna, Lalo and the other niños were trying to get my attention.


YAY for dolphins, though. Good times.

Judging by that sign apparently only naked white women can enjoy the dolphins.

Look at that huge smile on Lila's face.


This dolphin, whose name is Polo, is smiling!

She is so sweet.

Now Polo is singing.


If this were 1997 I would have TOTALLY taken this picture to Toledo Tattoo and had this tattooed on my lower back and/or ankle.

(Come on. We all know that far too many of us got dolphin tattoos in college. I'd like to confirm that I do not have one. I got my first tattoo when I was 27, I believe. It's not a mammal.)

Moving on...

#2. Moroccan Oil moisture repair shampoo and conditioner have changed my life.

My hair is happier. (It smiles now.) Smooth. Much less frizzy. Quite pleased, I am.

Sure, it's not cheap but when you wash your hair twice a week, maximum, it's definitely affordable.

Yep, once or twice a week, max. I've slowly stretched my time between washings and I am so happy with the results. I used to be one of those, "I could never do that -- my hair would be a greasy mess!" thinkers.

Nope. Not true.

Remember, always find reasons to relax your personal hygiene in order to gain more time asleep.

#3. This past weekend we've all been sick. It started on Thursday and has included fevers and very little sleeping on anyone's end. Now our house is combination of incessant coughing from all four of us, screaming and crying (from the smallest one), medication and lysol spray and clorox wipes.

I'm over it.

So are the sickies:

(We don't make sick kids do their hair. Or match.)

Those curls...

#4. Craig, whilst sick, built a swing set for the girls. (Of course, he did.)

So annoying. That is so Craig. He's got a fever, coughing and feels like he's swallowing chards of glass ... and he still builds a swingset.

He's a martian.

So back to the swingset -- the idea of importing a swingset down to Cabo (buying online, paying for shipping to the importer, then paying 15-20% to import it down) just wasn't going to happen: so we bought what Costco had:

Here's Day #1

Please note how everything is neatly organized and placed on the grass.

(That's why I married him.)

Looking good on Day #1.

Finished on Day #2!

He's awesome.

(Lila refused to put down her juice box to take the picture. They're a hot commodity around here.)


The girls have clearly already moved in.

(I would have given an ARM for something like this when I was a kid. Next up? One of those kiddie powerwheels Jeep things. Omg. I wanted one of those so badly.)

The back.

(Lila's still working on that juice box.)

Vivi loves it.

My little ear-infected, coughing, crab-apple was so excited to play.

I'm thinking of putting her out there to sleep tonight if she continues to wake up every 45 minutes. Or better yet, I will sleep out there...

#5. I like the new rug.

As you may recall, I bought a rug a couple of weeks ago. It's here now.

This was our old rug and old curtains at left. (Green rug, burgundy curtains. Blech. Fine 5 years ago when we thought we were only going to live here for a year or so...)

Here we are with a new rug and new canvas, airy curtains. Makes me happy.

It's fun. And soft. And it hides quite a lot. I'm a fan.

That's it, ya'll.

Let's hope we sleep tonight.



  1. I'm jealous of your field trip. On our field trips we see goats. And cows. And chickens.

    I'm so sorry you are all sick. That is the worst feeling ever.

    I love your new rug. The room looks brighter and happier.

  2. 1. That field trips look like SO much fun!! I would be all like "get out of the way kids, I need to hug a dolphin". Also, that picture of Lila with her two, as soon as I saw that photo I instantly flashed to Lila with her friends 10 years from now making that same face while you try to get a picture of her with her friends!! Fantastic.

    2. "Remember, always find reasons to relax your personal hygiene in order to gain more time asleep." This is my motto.

    3. I am sorry about all the sickness!!! UGH. That SUCKS! I feel you on this one. Three weeks ago Henry got sick from the gross little monsters at his school and got Terry sick and then got me sick. Henry also has really bad allergies, so is just a crank with a constant runny nose and a cough that wakes him up at 3am. This weekend I had to sleep on the freak'n FLOOR with Henry because he wouldn't sleep and he got himself so worked up from crying and coughing that he threw up on me. UGH. I have been sick for over 2 weeks and we found out this weekend Terry has mild pneumonia. I mean, COME ON. So, my friend, I feel you and am sorry you all are so sick. It sucks. I have never wished spring to be over as much as what I do now. I hope you all get to feeling better soon!!!

    4. He is awesome and so is that playground!! That is like a condo for them! I too love how everything is organized. Fantastic. Bravo, C.

    5. That rug is great and does make a huge difference in the room! great purchase.

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