I had this whole post idea in my head. Fun topic. Good stuff.

Then life got in the way today: Lila's coughing, Vivienne's coughing, nanny called off and isn't working Thursday..., Mommy's working tonight (Wednesday) and real blogging will have to wait.

Until then, enjoy this.

Ah, growing up in Mexico.

I came home from work today and she had on this hat.

And then she put on this dress.

Either practicing her isometric exercises or walking into walls with a hat covering her eyes for comic relief.

Have a good day!



  1. Too cute! I will have to start putting my legs over my head when I sing happy birthday - gives it more depth.

    Love the videos!

  2. Dancing girls is pure cuteness! And Vivi, in her hat. Yep, that is too cute for words.

    Also, I was watching your videos and was laughing out loud! Oh my gosh. I agree with Iris, legs over the head while signing happy birthday is the way to go. also, the Not Grumpy Video brought TEARS to my eyes!! Oh my gosh!! And then end when you ask V. to smile and she says she is eating her pizza. Priceless.


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