April. Autism. Awareness.

4/02/2013 10:07:00 AM

As many of you know - autism awareness is incredibly important to my family. I wrote about my sweet niece last year, here.

She's five now. [insert gasp]
I got to see her a couple of weeks ago and my heart swelled more than once because that sweet child allowed me to hug her and kiss her... Oh, she's so sweet.
She's incredible.

And you know who else is incredible? My sister.
Because she's a 24/7 soldier.


Oh friends, parents of children with special needs are tireless and astonishing.

I've watched my baby sister grow throughout the diagnosis and first couple of years of early intervention with Aubrey's autism and I truly am humbled.

While I cannot speak for her, I can only relay what I know as her sister.
And this I know is true:

She had a baby. The baby was perfect. And adorable.
And the baby grew. And she sang. And she was perfect.
But then something changed. Something shifted.
Something only a mother could sense.
She knew something was different.
It scared her.
She read.
And visited doctors. And specialists. And pyscolgists.
And prayed.
And it scared her.
And overwhelmed her.

And everyday she loved that baby more and more.

And then she received the diagnosis.

And, then everything changed.
Sort of.
Her love remained the same.

Her reality just had a new name.
She grieved.
She moved forward
She cried.
She kept moving... forward.
She gathered up her resources.
She moved forward.
She read.
She moved forward.
She changed her life, because that's what you do for your baby...
And she moved forward.

And she keeps moving forward.
Because, that's what people with special needs children tell me that they just do...

My sister is incredible and inspiring.

And in her unique situation she's part of a greater network of mothers and fathers everywhere who are honoring their children by fighting, fighting, FIGHTING for them every.single.day.

They're fighting so that their children have the same opportunities that their brothers, sisters and cousins do.

So, this month: honor my sister and honor my niece, won't you please?

Honor each child and each parent affected by autism.

Light it up blue, ya'll.

What is autism - start here.



  1. This is a wonderful post. Thank you for helping to spread awareness and thank you for sharing your sister's story. Your sister is truly inspiring.

    How is the beautiful Aubrey doing?!!

  2. She is SO beautiful. Those eyes... so deep and expressive. It feels like YESTERDAY when I met your sister with her tiny belly.

    Aubrey is going to do awesome things. She's learning from her mommy, AND her super cool aunt.

  3. Beautiful. So, so beautiful.


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