A classic case of, "It's not you, it's me."

4/03/2013 01:34:00 PM

It appears that the original boy band, New Kids on the Block, or NKOTB, is back at it.


And you guys? THIS TIME THEY ARE FOR REAL. (Article here.)

Take it from Donnie Wahlberg, age 44.

"It's a lot of work ... we're not kids any more," he added. "We're older guys now and we've got to to balance family and work and other interests that we have, but we're all here, and we're committed.

PLEASE watch this video.

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I'm embarrassed.

I sort of wish they'd commit to something else. Work on their other interests, maybe?

It's time.
They should write a book.
Start a talk show.
Dedicate a local park.
Become a member of the hairclub for men.

It's not their committment that's in question; it's mine and maybe even yours.
See, I'm older now. Like twenty-three years older now. And watching them dance around in matching outfits just isn't the same. In fact, it's kind of sad and depressing.

No one wants a reminder of their mortality while watching a boy-band from their youth string together off-tune songs and not-quite-synchronized dance moves.

(While you're watching the video, please look at how freakishly tan Danny is. I believe his primary committment is to representing Snooki's tanning lotion line.)

I'm sorry, it's not you guys. It's me.



  1. I was a Danny girl. I may have been the only one. I agree with you about this. . . it's sad.

    However, Boyz II Men is back at it, too, and I'm completely okay with that. I have no explanation.

    (Also, I apologize for my double space following my periods. I can't stop.)

  2. I was into Metallica at this time, so it's a little different for me.
    However, I do agree. My mom HATES watching aging rock stars. She says she thinks it's pathetic. I'll have her explain it. LOL!

  3. Well, we'll agree to disagree on this one. ;)

    I saw them tour with Backstreet Boys a couple years ago, and my group of girlfriends and I had an absolute blast. I never got to see them (or any other concerts, actually) when I was a huge teeny-bopper fan, so it was fun to live out that adolescent dream, even if I had a 3-year-old at home. And I'm also excited to see them in July when they're touring with Boyz II Men & 98 Degrees.

    Having said that, I totally get that this kind of thing isn't everyone's cup of tea. Me? I drink it up! (Hardy har har...)


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