What I can abide. Conversely, what I cannot.

3/06/2013 05:08:00 AM
Because it's a list kind of day...

I cannot abide:

1. Ants.
2. Warm toilet seats.
3. Shrimp (I still hate shrimp because of the shrimp tea incident.)
4. Status updates about how you have the flu/norovirus, etc. I don't want to know what's going on with your GI tract.
5. Status updates about how you hate that people aren't your real friends. Ok, then DELETE them from your facebook account. Better yet, delete me! (Oh wait, we're related...)
6. Status updates that ask me to "like them" so that they can go to Disneyland, get a dog, etc. I have an idea, like my status and then send me $10 on paypal. Everyone. Across the land. So I can collect a lot of money.
7. Sour milk. There I was eating a big piece of chocolate cake with a cold glass of sour milk. [insert vomit]
8. Survival shows.
9. Age spots.
10. Sunshine on days when I'm crabby. Because when I'm in a windy mood I need WIND and RAIN.
11. Grocery shopping in Los Cabos. (Where can I find 100% whole grain quinoa? More importantly, WHY DON'T THEY SELL ANY LITTLE DEBBIE PRODUCTS HERE? Yes. I'm clearly NOT on the paleo diet.)
12. The lack of access to Wendy's frostys. (Still not on the paleo diet.)
13. Huffy people. You know them. They huff in response to most things. They huff when they walk and stomp away. They're perpetually put-upon.
15. The incessant squeaking happening in the front quarter-panel of my car. As Lila says, "I think there's mices living up there..."

I can abide:

1. Waking up to Vivienne saying, "Good morning, Yiya" and Lila responding, "Hi."
2. Craig laughing at most of my jokes. And pretty much everything I say.
3. My two snuggly dogs.
4. My bed. I love bed.
5. Laughing.
6. Ruzzle.
7. Deleting Facebook off of my phones.
8. Watching Lila plie at ballet.
9. Sunshine. When I'm in the mood for it.
10. Emails with friends from home that make me laugh. And laugh.
11. Emails with friends from home that make me cry.
12. Social media, when it's used for good.
13. Reading.
14.The smell of matches.
15. These two:



  1. I've thought about deleting FB off my phone too. Enough already!!

    The smell of matches? That's a good one!

  2. 7. Sour milk. There I was eating a big piece of chocolate cake with a cold glass of sour milk. [insert vomit]

    HILARIOUS! this is the number one reason why I started buying organic milk. it just tastes better and lasts longer.

    What in the HELL is the shrimp tea incident???

  3. I rather enjoyed reading this today.

    I am over most status updates, there is so much I really don't care to know about you. Deleting FB from your phone is a good idea. I still wish I had a plain phone and not a smart phone but the plain phones were twice as much and CRAP. UGH.

    What is bothering me today is this girl next to me that makes the "ahhhhhhhhh" sound EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. she takes a drink. REALLY?! Do you need to do that. No.

    That picture of your girls is the sweetest. Their smiles, their heads touching, the love....it melts me heart.

    What is making me happy today would be the awesome meatballs I made last night and had for lunch, knowing Terry is off work tonight and we can have family time, Downton Abbey tonight (we just started watching it a couple weeks ago!!), and the picture I got today of Henry eating...nah, devouring cheese.

    What are you reading? I am looking for some books to read. Yeah, I know....I want to read!

  4. Did you use abide because 15 years ago today The Big Lebowski was released?

    The Dude abides

    1. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO! Wow. That rug really tied the room together.

  5. I thought #14 was you liking the smell of mustaches and I LOL'd and got excited because I thought Craig grew a 'stache. (CLEARLY that would be the ONLY one you would want to smell.)

  6. Oh wow, I love this for so many reasons:

    Warm toilet seats? eiw. could not agree more.
    #5!!! agreed.
    11? Santa Carmela Market. They have quinoa. Little Debbie? I have no clue what that is. Obviously, I'm not a golfer.
    13...I know...
    The fact there is no 14 on your non-abide list!!! ha! I want to know - what did you delete?!

    As to what you CAN abide:

    What is Ruzzle?
    #7, you have inspired me...I am now contemplating this. And if I do it, my bf will indefinitely love you.

  7. Age spots! Ick. I need some remedial action on both sides of my face - right upon my temples. My mom has the same types of spots, bless her heart. Getting old is for the birds, I say. Next up I supposed is wrinkles? However, my mom has a youthful face and she'd in her 60s so I'm hoping the same goes for me.

    Warm toilet seats?! HARF.

    I'm sorry you dislike Ruzzle. I am telling you, I am TERRIBLE at games. Terrible. I can't play Scrabble or Words with Friends to save my life. But for some reason I excel at Ruzzle. Sarah D beats me!

    Right there with you on all points about Facebook. I realized today that I block almost EVERYONE from showing up in my news feed. So what's the point then? I do enjoy connecting with some family members, but that's about it. Stupid Facebook.

    I'm currently disliking:

    * Snow. Done with it. We got dumped on earlier this week - 8 inches! It's crazy.

    * Laziness. I've been pretty lazy lately. I get irritated with myself when I'm lazy but then I get into a lazy rut and can't get out of it. Oh well.

    I'm currently digging:

    * Creativity. My girls' interest in art. They've checked out books on how to draw and they study them so intently then come up with the coolest things. I absolutely adore seeing kids imaginations grow and flourish. (is flourish spelled right?)

    * Fresh, sharp needles. I bought the nicest sewing needles the other day and they are so sharp and are great for embroidery.

    * My creative Dad. I asked my Dad to make me a wooden P with holes in it so I could cross stitch it. He did just that. I'll blog about it soon!


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