Only in Mexico.

So Craig picked Lila up from school today and I asked him to send me a picture of her.

He sends me this.

Sweet girl.

And right now, Lila is super in to cutting with scissors which makes unpacking her backpack and pockets everyday a treasure fest.

Apparently today she unfolded these two gems and said to Craig:

"The hippo is for Vivi. The other one is my friend."

That's Shakira.

Of course it is.


Oh, and Vivienne?

This morning when Craig was leaving for work, Nelly (our nanny) and Vivienne were waving to Craig and saying adios and Vivienne said,"Bye bye, Señor Craig."


Of course she did.

Shakira and "Bye bye, Señor Craig" all in the same day.

Such is life in Mexico.



  1. oh, yay! i have JUST found the best little scissor/glue oriented project to do with the girls. i thought it would be my way to worm my way into their hearts. or at least establish myself onto their good sides...? ; )

  2. hahaha! Awesome :) Love those girls

    (And Henry calls me Jenn aka Yenn)

  3. HAHAHAHA This made me laugh so hard tears came out!


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