Ladies Lunes*. A busy weekend it was.

*"Lunes" means "Monday" in Español. This is my Monday update on my two sweet ladies, Lila Ross and Vivienne Kate.


I love my time with my girls on the weekend. I sort of horde it and keep to myself and treasure it. Weird? Sure. But I'm a working Mom and these weekends are what I need with them. I catch up. We slow down and spend our time doing nothing and playing and just being.

I live for this time. For the mundane and the crazy. These two little ladies are so cool.

I'd like to start off by showing you the amazing awesomeness that is Lila.

Oh friends.

She starts off quiet... then BAM! Rockstar.

I adore the look on Vivienne's face here.

On Friday we headed to a sweet baby's baptism and party. As you can see, Vivienne

(Those are the bangs I cut a couple of weeks ago. I will apologize to her for them later.)

The dramatic, senior picture pose.

(When did Lila turn 13?)

Ah, their style.

(I want Lila's hair.)

Lila chose her accessories.

Truth? I thought it looked cool. She wore them the whole night, too. Accessory dedication.

I heart her.

The party had a castle.

Vivienne and Lila adored it.


On to Saturday.

This "quiet time" while Mommy was working out happened and approximately 11 minutes in Vivienne bit Lila so hard that it left a mark.

Ladies and gentlemen, Lila is sweet and Vivi is a biter. AND a pincher.

She's also getting 4 teeth (yes, she's 2) and is nasty.

The weekend was filled with puzzles and fun.

AND, see those overalls on Vivienne? She wore them all weekend.

This is Vivi's "Baby Bea." (Baby Bea is my niece. Vivi is slightly obsessed with her. Every baby doll in our house is Baby Bea.)

Picnic time. Lila's so sweet. Smiling and eating her carrots.

I swear, this child... she's just so sweet.

Look at Vivi's face.

And my favorite of the weekend.

These two.

Oh, how I love them.

Happy Monday, ya'll.



  1. I love the looks they give! Too cute. Peeking out of the castle was my fave.

  2. I love Lila's hair too! And her mint green dress is gorgeous! She looks like a little model. :=)

  3. First off, I totally agree about cherishing the weekends. We have talked about it before....but I am very selfish with weekends because I NEED that time. Henry and I were outside nearly the entire weekend!!

    That first picture of Lila is fantastic!!

    And the one below of Vivi....oh my gosh, Kylee I have seen that same face on you :) Hilarious!!

    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend with your ladies!

  4. LOVE those girls!


  5. I have loved watching your ladies grow up and they are at that great age--biting and all--where they are becoming buddies...Thank you for sharing!!!


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