Happy Birthday, mi amiga

3/05/2013 09:07:00 AM
Oh, oh, oh. I love celebrating the birthdays of friends.
This particular friend is actually my first friend in Cabo.
She helped me with the move; the logistics, the transition.
She has been so kind to me over the years.
So encouraging.
I remember, sometime in 2009 she came into my office and told me that she had a dream that I was pregnant. And that I had a sweet baby girl; a daughter.
And at that point, that's all I wanted... more than anything in the world... was to have a baby.
As it turns out, she was right. She called it.
This friend of mine, she is in tune with the hearts of those she loves.
She's an incredible mother. And when I say incredible, I mean incredible. She loves with every fiber of her being.
She creates memories. Cherishes the moment. She is mindful.

Sweet Dulcita, not only am I glad that we're friends but you know that I am so very glad that you were born.

Feliz cumpleaños a ti.

:) Kyleeta


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  1. Amiga, you have that power of always bringing tears of joy to my eyes. Life's weird and funny, and sometimes very wise. Like the moment when it brought us together in this beautiful piece of land that compensates the lack of good shopping with the BEST of friends... Like you.

    THANK YOU, for your words, for your heart. For making me laugh when I want to cry. I love you.


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