Crazy busy. Go, go, go!

These little ladies and I are leavin' on a jet plane on Thursday morning at 6:30 AM.

(SIX-THIRTY IN THE MORNING THE PLANE LEAVES. I haven't even calculated get-up time or leave-the-house time yet.)

My first time flying solo with two toddlers across the country. Two flights. One 2.5 hour layover. One adult.

May the force (and iPads and crayons and books and coloring books and snacks and xanax) be with me.

Blogging will be hit or miss for the next several days.

Stay tuned! I'm sure I'll have some stories to tell.



  1. If your layover is in ATL, miss O and I would be so excited to have an airport lunch date with you :)
    And I believe the two of us are flying to Toledo the next weekend, so I'm all ears for any travel advice you have to share...

    1. Layover in Dallas. However, if ever I DO have one in the ATL -- you KNOW I would call you!!! :) And, I'll keep you posted on travel advice! :) Feel free to email me, always. Hugs.


    Love you, Sister!!!!!!

    1. Fabulous links. I read/looked at BOTH.

      (Of course you know that I especially appreciated how the blogger wrote about what she wears... you know, since that's so important in the grand scheme of things.)

  3. Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and the girls. Safe travels!

  4. Good luck!!! Have a good trip :)


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