...and this is how I roll.

3/05/2013 10:11:00 AM
I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of lady.
I'm a speeder.
I'm a tear-the-tag-off-the-pillow type of person.
I don't look before I leap.
I wear white after labor day.


None of that is true.
Except the wearing of white. (I live in Mexico.)

But, I am a gambling woman in one area of my life.

Moments after I pulled into the gas station this morning.

Looks like I won today, kiddos.



  1. Ahh! I do this too. I've never been lower than 2, though. Nice work, friend.

  2. Athena is a FANATIC about watching the numbers. She'd never let me go that far.

  3. I am terrible at this! I ran out one time, and was luckily only a block away, so I kinda coasted! Think I would've learned my lesson....but, I didn't:)

  4. Bravo!!

    I don't have one of those meters, I would do the same if I did.

  5. I do this too! drives my husband nuts...


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