A post you will not care about at all.

3/01/2013 09:08:00 AM
I just bought a new duvet and pillows for my bed. I'm beyond excited.

Next, I'm searching for a duvet cover.

Craig and I love this one.

I went to put it in my cart.

Then I saw this.


I think that, at this juncture in my life, I cannot in good conscience purchase a duvet cover for $378.00

So, I think we're going to go with this one.

You're welcome.

I know you were dying to know about my duvet-cover search.

(Just a little glimpse into how exciting my rockstar life really is.)



  1. Knowing this, I will sleep so much better tonight.

    Thank you. :)

  2. Ha. Good choice. Your options for fun details will be limitless.


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