True Story.

A couple of days ago, the girls and I were hanging out in my room while I was putting away some laundry. I asked the girls if they wanted to watch some Charlie and Lola. They did. Immediately, Lila told me that while she and Vivienne watched TV, I could work out.

It went like this:

Lila: "Are you going to work out?"

[two seconds later...]

Lila: "You know, you can work out while we watch Charlie and Lola."

[another two seconds later...

Lila: "You should workout, Mommy."

[ONE second later...

Me:  Thinking: [I mean, I know I should work out, but why does my 3-year-old keep telling me this? Get out of my business, Lila. I heard you the first time.]

Lila: "Are you going to work out?"

Me: "Lila, why is it so important that I work out?"

Lila: "Because, Mommy. It is very important to work out. For your body. For your food. Because if you don't working… then…well then... um... I think... well,  your food will fall out and that is not good."

Me: [Thinking, well no, there's no way that would be good.]

Lila goes on: [throws her hands up in the air] "That is the truth of the story. "

Translation: I thinks she meant to declare, "True story."


I love this kid.

And yesterday in the car, this happened:

Me: Lila, when you grow up, are you going to work and have a job?

Lila: Yes. I am going to work with you and Daddy...

[she went on...]

...And I'm going to play the flute.


FABULOUS, says the mom of the future flutist.



  1. I'm laughing out loud. Hilarious.

    Yesterday, Chanelle told me she wanted to play the tuba.

    Alrighty then. :)

  2. This made my day. Ahh... the things they come up with :)


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