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2/06/2013 08:43:00 PM
How excited are you to read this?

First and foremost, though -- I'm sure you've heard the big news of today: Hasbro has decided to get rid of the Monopoly IRON (GASP) in favor of a new CAT piece

I object.

I object AGAIN.

I always use the iron. And to replace it with a cat? Cats are terrorists*.

(*The melodrama of that statement makes me laugh. Sorry Wrestling Kitties. Your cats are lovely and from what I understand from the FBI they are indeed not terrorists.)


On to the photos.

This is Lila.
She is 16.

This is Vivienne.
She is two.
And her hair is finally growing.

That's my car. I finally broke 37,900 miles.
Guess what year my Jeep Grand Cherokee is?
Yes, that's an average of about 4,200 miles a year.

Hey - I live on the Baja. My "commute" to work is maybe 3 miles.

I'm going to have this car until 2030.

We're not too fancy for a good 'ole fashion clothesline.

I was recently driving behind this street vendor who was pedaling his BIKE on the HIGHWAY.


Pork rinds, anyone?

This is my neighbor's statue.

It doesn't have a head.

I find it troublesome.

I quite like this game.

Lila has ballet everyday this week.
I'm going to have to quit my job soon so that I can cart my children around.

We fully supported National Pancake Day in our house yesterday.

I got my hair cut.

Please note my husband in the background of this picture.

Also note that I'm wearing a jean jacket that I bought when I was 19 in Key West. It's 14 years old.
Keepin' it real.

And here's Vivienne.
She gets out of her bed no less than 20 times per night.
Doorknob jingles...
Head peaks out...

So cute the first time...

Finally, this was lying on the floor in Lila's room.

Eek, no?



  1. OK!
    1) I love that you have such a passion for the IRON in Monopoly. I think I just didn't care about Monopoly because the money made me nervous. I liked games like Guess Who - NO MATH INVOLVED!

    2) Vivi's hair is gorgeous! Love the color :)

    3) Lila look like a teenager. HOLY COW LOOK OUT!

    4) That headless statue would give me nightmares. Looks like something from THE CROW. Hate it.

    5) The Doll....see above.

    6) JEAN JACKETS RULE! I have one from my first year of college. Each time I wear it I get at least one person that wants to buy it from me and one person that makes so much fun of me I want to punch them in the face. I will never get rid of it.

    7) Grog in the background is hilarious.

    8) The head peek is insanely adorable. How do you get these amazing photos?


  2. ...and I love your hair, but you know that :)

  3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rustyalaska/4681447011/

    Sister....Please see the attached link of Donald Duck's laundry from ToonTown. You have a soulmate.


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