I love weekends.

Usually it's hotter than you-know-where in Cabo, but right now the weather is perfection.

What does this mean? It means we get to be out of our houses!

So on Saturday the ladies and I huffed it to the Estuary. (I was half-tempted to ask Lila to push me in the double-BOB.)

The sun rays were nearly raining on the girls... 

Love this. (All iPhone photos - not perfect.) Look at Lila's hand on her hip.

Feeding the ducks. Vivi was doing her, "Are you Quack Quacks?" song and it was just sweet.

I honestly ADORE my weekends with these girls.

The ducks weren't feeling the bread we brought -- but this lone duck was and the girls were so very pleased  to feed him.

That's all.

It was lovely.


Usually this part of the estuary is under water -- but it wasn't on Saturday. This made the girls very happy.

I think this playground equipment is not only from 1954, but it's full of tetanus, too. Added perk.

I believe they were swinging for 45 minutes.

And this is what I will miss when we move:

The every-day-normallness of seeing palapas at the park.

(They're normally swimming in about a foot or two of water.)

And, my favorite picture of the day:  A wonderful place that is within walking-distance from my home.

Just lovely.

I love where I live.

Especially since I know it's just not forever.



  1. I'm on a 1 week count down to Mexico!! I think it would be so fun to live there for a couple years. :-)

  2. So jealous of these beautiful pictures! I'm tired of the snow!!! Love those sweet pictures of the girls!

  3. LOVELY.

    I cherish my weekends, even if they are just spent at home doing nothing with Henry and when not working, Terry.

    They go far too fast, but just bring everything back around for me.

    And the pictures of them holding hands....yep, that is simply ADORABLE. Love how much they love and adore each other!!


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