I love watching them.

I don't have a close-in-age sibling.

My oldest sister is ten years older than I, (but looks 10 years younger) and my youngest sister is eight years younger. Throw in three brothers and that's my family.

Watching these two, who are just 19 months apart, navigate life as Captain and First Mate sometimes leaves me breathless.

There are quiet moments of sweetness.
There are loud, crashing moments of utter discontent.
There are sweet, sharing moments of concern.
There are hidden, caring moments of empathy.
There are delicious moments of laughter.

And already, as with all little and big sisters, there are moments of adoration.

Look at Vivi's face.

Why the little one always wears Lila's shoes, I'll never know...

But I'd like to think it's because she knows how amazing Lila is and maybe she knows that following ever so quietly in her big sister's footsteps, while making her own way, of course, is the best road to take.




  1. I love it! Nothing better than watching little siblings interact!

  2. EVERYthing about this post made me smile.

  3. This is precious. Sisters are so special.

  4. CUTE!! I think Keira has helped Henry in ways no therapy could've!! I love close in age siblings.


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