I laughed at first... then I thought, "Well, maybe."

So I'm searching for a table lamp for Vivi's room that she can easily turn on when she wakes up.

I'm on amazon and I run across these:

A pair of Himalayan salt lamps. ($25.11 on Amazon.)


I immediately add them to my Amazon WishList thinking, "This is a blog post. WHO WOULD BUY ONE OF THESE?"

Then I went back later and read about them and thought, "...Uh-oh. Maybe I will?..."

Apparently these little salt lamps can help your living space:
"...Neutralizes positively charged contaminants such as allergy and asthma triggers, mold and mildew, pet odors, etc. through the natural release of negative ions into the air;
ALLERGY triggers?

Have you met my daughter? Well, most of you haven't. But we're still attempting to figure out what exactly ails our Lila and if a salt lamp helps her I WILL BUY 12.

Bottom line?

Don't laugh when you come over and you see these in every room.

Just don't expect to see these:

Well, maybe I'll give those a second thought, too.

Who doesn't love a good unicorn light switch?

(Potentially worth every bit of $11.75.)



  1. I think those are pretty cool. Get 'em.

  2. My mom has one and I used to lick it. Yum.


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