2/19/2013 04:12:00 PM
I always use whatever they give me.

Explanation: I order a bagel. The waiter puts a never-the-same amount of cream cheese in a to-go cup and each time I spread EVERY LAST DROP of the cream cheese on my bagel. I never say, "Nah, that's enough cream cheese. This'll do. It looks like they gave me extra; I don't need that."

Nope. I use it all.

I've been like this since I can remember.
I use everything I've got.

No conserving. Now. Do it. Go.

I can see the positive spin on that statement. It could mean that I'm appreciative of everything I get; so I use it. It could mean that life is too short to have decorative candles, so I burn 'em.

But there might be a different truth to that statement; I use it all because maybe I'm afraid that I won't have as much, like this,  ever again.

That might be the case.

I think this is why I'm incessantly going and going and running and trying to use everything I've got. Because maybe one day I won't have everything.

And maybe this isn't such a bad outlook afterall. I mean, I really appreciated every last drop of that cream cheese.

...And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what I think about.


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  1. my response is just enjoy ALL that "cream cheese", my friend! :)


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