Celebrating Vivienne: The Pics

I think Year Number Two has been pretty fantastic for Vivi so far.

I mean, who doesn't love hearing people sing Happy Birthday to you, eating cupcakes, parties and fancy dresses?

On her actual birthday it was a quiet little fiesta of four -- and it was perfect. We took the obligatory "with Mommy" and "with Daddy" pics...


 And then of course, we frosted some cupcakes...

...and ate some frosting...

And, the birthday girl smiled her sweet toothy grin when we sang Happy Birthday to her... (Short video... 17 seconds, I think. Definitely under a minute.)

(Please note the teeth STILL missing from Vivi's mouth...)

And then then we ate cake and opened a couple of small gifts.

(Vivienne loves Eeyore.)

It was a pretty fantastic day.

And then the past weekend we had her's birthday party... (We waited for her Mimi and Papa to be in town.)

This is Vivi dressed as Minnie Mouse as purchased by her Daddy.
She loved it.

That is her head tilt.

Look out red carpet...

That's the same fascinator/hair clippie she wore on her 1st birthday. I'm hoping to make it a tradition.

So there was jumping...

And squeals of joy

And CUTENESS like you've never seen before.

And beautiful cakes made by Vivienne's Aunt (MARSHMALLOW FROSTING, ya'll.)...

Here is Vivi's personal cake. :)

So then we sang Happy Birthday...

And my sweet Vivienne just smiled and smiled.

All day, she was just so pleased...

That face.

And THAT face! (And those hands!)

Obligatory family shot. (It was hot.)

Mimi and Papa were here!

Ignore the ghetto extension cord in the background of these photos - it was for the jumper plugged in in the backyard. The cord is driving me crazy.

Cake-eatin' hermanas.

And I love this picture.

This sums it up.

Pure joy.

Pure, pure, JOY.

So yeah, I think if you were to ask Vivienne how Year Number Two is going, she'd definitely give it a hearty thumbs up.


To see more photos from the day, click here.



  1. Very sweet! She certainly had a perfect day. Love the pictures of everyone.

  2. So cute!! Vivienne is too precious for words. I love those girly cupcakes and cake! Looks like a perfect day. I also like your family photo. You have so many nice family photos after your pro shoot too. I'm jealous. We can't seem to get a decent family photo but we haven't really been trying either. :-)

  3. What a happy girl you have. She really is beyond words cute.

    The cakes are FABULOUS!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl!!! She is just glowing in every one of these pictures! What a fun celebration(s) for a happy little girl!

  5. Happy Birthday little V! You're so stinkin cute and I love your little smile!

  6. what a sweet, sweet girl. charming pics from what looks like a wonderful birthday. these made my day... especially that toothy grin! :)

  7. I smiled all the way through this. :)

  8. SO CUTE! Happy Birthday again Vivi! That last pic is way too sweet. Love it!


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