Beyonce and Blue.

2/17/2013 08:32:00 PM
In honor of Beyonce's HBO special, "Life is But a Dream" I bought this new bag.You know, since her daughter's name is Blue or is it Blu?

Anywho, I'm very excited about it and will utilize whatever excuse needed to buy a new bag. Plus, I had a 25% off coupon. Wah-WHO!

I am in love with this color. Looks like it'll fit my two thermoses for Lila and Vivi and all of my other stuff. (Like the FOUR external drives I carry with me to work everyday. Who's anal?)

This is my congratulatory bag. "YAY! You don't have to carry diapers and wipes bag!" I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am to no longer carry diapers with me.

Next, of course I watched Beyonce's HBO special.

I've never thought much of her. I mean, she's fine, but I sort of always thought she was passive and slightly wussy and the entire time she "acted" in that Austin Powers movie I was so embarrassed I couldn't look at the screen. (But then again, maybe I was embarrassed because I was watching an Austin Powers movie.)

So I was wrong.

Beyonce is strong. Independent. All Sasha Fierce and stuff. :)

Here are my quick thoughts:

1. She's a girl's girl. She values her relationships with the women in her life and I respect that. Few women actually like other women and that's sad. Why is that? Good for her, though. We all need to encourage one another not disrespect or discourage one another.
2. That girl can move.
3. I love when we see that a performer is more than what meets the eye. She's a visionary, a CEO, a CFO -- she's everything. And she admits that she's attempting to juggle it all and she's trying to figure it out. Aren't we all? I'm no mogul, but my life is crazy and so is yours.
4. She's grown up. She appears to be in a good place.
5. She's in love with that baby and her husband and her life. I get it.
6. When she was singing, "Listen" from Dream Girls I had the chills. First, I adore that song (shush, you do, too) secondly -- oh my goodness, she.can.sing.

I applaud her. Good for her. You go, Beyonce. Take over the world. Oprah needs a successor and we're all kind of sick of her, anyway.



  1. I'm dying to see that movie!! Her baby Blue Ivy is adorable.

    Love your bag. Is it Kate Spade? The color is perfect!!

    1. The movie was good -- I enjoyed it.

      It's Coach! I'm most excited about the color and hope it looks as great in person. If you go to a Coach store and see it, let me know. :)

  2. Adorable bag!

    And as we talked about, I too watched the special. (Even with the criticisms and cackles from my husband.) She truly surprised and impressed me.

    And I totally want her body.


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