2013 Grammy Fashion Recap

I had to write it. Let's get down to business.

Brief thoughts:

1.) You guys! I thought it was actually entertaining. I love L.L. Cool J. (DOES HE AGE?)

2.) Elton John's eyebrows were very, very serious. I kept looking at him and I was thinking... "What? What is happening here?" Then I realized most men don't shape their brows quite like that... or at all.

3.) I will forever love Justin Timberlake. He's a showman. He's funny. I appreciated his dancin' and singin'.

I could go on and on about the whole show, but I won't. Let's talk fashion.

Let's start with Solange and Beyonce.

What's crazy is that my sister and I have these exact same outfits that we wore to Thanksgiving.

So I liked Solange's pink shoes. Dress is great. And while I love her hair I think it's ridiculously disrespectful to wear that big of a style at a seated event where you know half of the men there can't see over her. (Male stars are all Polly-Pocket-sized.) I believe Bruno Mars was sitting behind her and they had to find him a booster.

Beyonce's outfit was boring. I don't hate it. I don't love it. But I do love Jay-Z.

Next, Adele.

The pro here is that she's wearing a color and not just her signature black.
The con is that she's wearing far too many red embellishments. 
The collar, sleeves and trim are enough.

But can I say that I LOVE her? Craig showed me a photo of her apparently yelling at Chris Brown for not standing up for Frank Ocean when he won the grammy and I love that. Who likes Chris Brown? NO ONE. Not even ADELE.

(Her eye makeup is great.)

I am BLOWN AWAY by Alicia Keys.


I am not blown away by Kelly Osbourne's gown. And, while I think she's SO sweet, I AM OVER THE PURPLE HAIR. ENOUGH.


Taylor Swift (vomit) looks so pretty. She's just so annoying.

She's the Anne Hathaway of the music world. She keeps winning and inexplicably we keep wanting to slap her.

This is what you should wear to the Grammy's. Estelle looks great.

I just kind of think this is perfect. I think the last thing that she needed was a necklace, though. I mean really?

I would've loved seeing her set this ensemble off with a delicate set of pearl earrings. 

Tee hee.

Giuliana looks gorgeous. For some reason, I like the color. Lovely. I love her hair color, too.

Rihanna looks fantastic. Incredible dress. I was going to vote her Best Dressed but I, see above, loathe Chris Brown.

So, she's guilty by stupid association.

(HE HIT YOU AND YOU ARE STILL WITH HIM. Zero tolerance with domestic violence on the Two Pretzels blog.)

I just find Carrie Underwood to be so irritatingly beautiful and boring.

Sure, she's fine. 

If you like Barbies.

Ok, and now my worst dressed of the night:

Jennifer Lopez.


The little teeny bun on the top of her head slays me. My three-year-old has more hair in her ballet bun than that.

And Angelina already wore that dress.

And the cut of the gown on her thigh is just plain ridiculous.

I hate everything about this.

And then my Best Dressed...

Don't hate me, but SERIOUSLY?

Katy Perry brought 'em to play and... wow.

Beyond her up-top, I love the color... the jewels on top, the hair...

It's just so nice to not see her in a costume.


Look at the original runway look of this Gucci dress. Just s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y different.

 Hee hee.

Next, I loved Florence Welch's gown.


Some people didn't like the sequins-covered spikes and well, to each her own. But I think it's fantastic. And there's something to be said for red-headed women wearing emerald green.



my best dressed is: Kelly Rowland.

Whoa. I mean she wore this dress.

Holy wow.

You just can't argue with this.

Ok. Your turn.

Tell me your best and worst.



  1. I totes agree on Rihanna. Sorry, but stupid is as stupid does. ALSO YAY I CAN COMMENT AGAIN. I have not been able to comment for like a year now!


    2. For some reason there isn't a comment link, so I am going to reply here. I agree with "The Velveteen" anyway. I also agree about Rihanna. I love her voice, but I also lost some respect for her because she had an "I am so above all of this" look on her face all night.

      I loved Adele's dress. She looked so fresh compared to the heavy matronly gowns she usually wears.

      Thanks for posting!

  2. Hooray for fashion recaps -- thanks for comping around ;)
    I have to agree with you, except that I sort-kinda loved Adele's get-up. Also, I can't get past all of LL Cool J's smug lip-licking. Buy some chap stick, man.

    1. Oh Wow. Nail on the head. You're so right about the lip-smacking. What IS the deal with that? Excellent point.

  3. Yay! Thank you for doing this. . .it really is pure entertainment and such a guilty pleasure on my part. The fashion stuff is just fine, but the commentary is always perfect.

    Thank you!

    1. It's my pleasure. Snarky is apparently my middle name.

  4. OK, did you see that chick who won with Gotya for "Somebody That I Used to Know"? Kimbra. Worst. http://www.grammy.com/files/styles/full_width/public/photos/161410327_gotye_kimbra_jk.jpg

    Alicia Keys rocked both of her outfits – this one and the one she wore performing with Maroon 5 (which was one of the better performances of the night, I thought.) She wins best dressed for me. I just love her.

    Also, I'd like to see a photo from your family Thanksgiving. :)

    1. I did see Kimbra and I just though tit was too easy. It was just sad. Tissues stuck to a dress. Blech.

      Photos from thanksgiving coming...

  5. I was also going to mention Kimbra... Ridiculous.

  6. You recapped what exactly I thought about the Grammy. Kelly Rowland is so underrated. Boo Beyonce.

  7. Loved your recap. We both forgot to comment on Johnny Depp's pirate look!

    1. You mean Johnny Depp's not a real pirate? ;)


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