Outdoor Chalkboard. Coolness.

So Craig was all, "I'm going to put a chalkboard in the courtyard where our outdoor shower was."

I was all*, "Okay**."

Gone are the days of naked showering in the courtyard. (BAM! Too much information in the SECOND sentence. Nicely done, Kylee.)

So because I'm narrow-minded and still, nearly four years later, sleep-deprived, I wondered, "Where are we going to find a chalkboard THAT big in Mexico? I mean, I'm hard-pressed to find a kitchen rug that doesn't look like a Cosby sweater."

Obviously I think, "I'll look on amazon."


Eh, not this time.

Then I theorize, let's just tape off a portion of the wall in our courtyard and spray it BLACK with chalkboard paint.

Because that's reasonable.

Because we'll always want a huge black rectangle on our courtyard wall.
I'm absolutely positive that the huge black rectangle will be VERY easily covered in, oh I don't know, 32 layers of beige paint.

(This is why I have had so many different hair cuts/colors. I ACT immediately and think later. Story of my life.)

Craig is brilliant.

He thinks about this for a while. We first figure a piece of plywood is the way to go. Well, since we live on the Baja, wood is kind of expensive.

Tortillas, avocados and spandex are actually a dime a dozen... but none of our houses are built with wood so it's a bit more expensive than in the States.

Enter, a big steel door from Home Depot.

Yep - Craig bought an 80" tall door, which was surprisingly not that heavy, painted it flat black and drilled holes on the back so that it hung flush on the wall.

He added a chalk ledge, which is just a piece of 1x4 trim and then framed out the whole door with lath to make sure water wouldn't go through the door. 

I think he's brilliant.

 So do his daughters.

Yay for new spaces.

Meanwhile in other news, here's Vivienne taking a call on her video monitor...

Looks like it's not going her way.

Note the boots, por favor.

AHHHHH. Seriously?!?! Life is good.


*I hate when people speak in "alls."

Example: "And then she was all..." "And then I was all..." "And so he was all..."

Shut up.


**I'm 33-years-old and I still don't have a definitive stance on what's appropriate: Ok or okay. I tend to go with ok since it seems that okay features unneccesary letters. But, based on the frightening texting culture of today, I think I should start using "okay" in solidarity with all of the letters who are so haplessly being thrown by the wayside.

Okay it is.



  1. I think now the text lingo for ok is just K. So you would still be using more than the apportioned amount seen in today's txt generation. And Yay for the old comment format!

  2. Every time someone speaks in "alls" I think of Adam Sandler and David Spade's sketch GAP girls. Hilarious.

    This chalkboard is awesome.

  3. Way to go on the chalk board!! It is super cool and C is awesome!

  4. What an awesome idea, and a handy Dad!!! I thought we were cool parents for putting one on the wall in the hallway!!

  5. I love this so much! What a handy man you have! A DOOR?! Who woulda thought. The girls will love this for ever! Use it as photo backdrops! Write messages to each other! LOVE IT SO MUCH! (really, I love it a lot!)

  6. How in the world did Unco come up with this?! It is brilliant!




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