Happy birthday, my Vivienne

A year ago. You were a baby. Sigh.

Dear Vivienne,

Every night after I tuck you in to your bed, I wait a few minutes and it happens: You jiggle your door knob; struggling to turn it's big bulb in your teeny, tiny hand and then you finally get it. The door opens. And I hear it...



"Mommy? Are you?"

And then I walk to the hallway to see your sweet wispy-brown head of hair sticking out of the door frame. Just peeking...

You sweetly say, "Hug you. Hug you."

We both know what this means. You want me to hold you. To hug you. And it doesn't suffice if I bend down and hug you, you say, "Up high. Hug you. Up high."

Because you want me to hold you close to me. To hug you.

Even though this happens eight times a night, every night... I love it.

My silly goose, I will "hug you, hug you" forever and ever.

And I will never wish away this time because you are so sweet. Your hair smells so good. And I love you so much.

In all honesty, the past year has gone far too quickly for my liking.

I'm sure there will come a time, I expect sooner than I'd prefer, that I will wish you'd peek your head out of your closed bedroom door and whisper, "Mommy? Mommy? Where are you? Will you hug me?"

Oh, but that time will come soon enough. Until then, sweet Vivienne, you will be mine.

Oh my baby...

...My baby with the hat on her head, slippers on her feet, and the cell phone in her "pocket"...

Vivienne, I remember when I found out that I was pregnant with you.

Your Daddy and I kept it a secret for a while. Because we wanted you to be ours... I wanted you to be mine for just a bit longer and the idea of telling others that you existed meant that I'd have to share you.

Then when we found out you were a girl, a sister for your big sister.. and I did it again. I kept you and your name close to my heart... again, selfishly.

I've found in this past year, my sweetie pie, that you are not a gift to be selfishly hidden.

Nope, you're a gift to be shared.

You are funny.

Vivienne Kate, that smile! That smile...

Be still my heart...

You're a sweet, sweet, sweet soul.

But you're also a strong soul. A confident soul. An independent soul.
A soul who can brighten a room.

You've changed our lives far more than you could ever know, and this past year I feel as if we've really gotten to know you.

You're your own person, sweet Vivi.

There's literally no use in comparing you to anyone.

You're Vivi.

You're two-years-old and you're still missing some teeth. (We know they're there since last year on your first birthday you fell and chipped your front tooth. At the dentist's office we saw the x-rays and all of your teeth are indeed there... they just haven't shown up yet. Again, your timing.)

And the teeth that you do have? We never even knew when you were teething. You were that easy.

You dance when you walk. You literally bounce and dance.

And you dance on command, too. "Show us your moves, Vivi." You immediately show us.

You love Fergie.  You're ok with Millie.

You potty-trained yourself.

You don't eat much of anything. You'll look at new food, or old food, and simply declare, "No. Blech. No."

You love baby dolls. And your stuffed animals. Specifically your owl, monkey and anything that Lila has.

You love baths. When you're taking a bath with your sister you dump water on your head to make Lila laugh.

You're talking in full sentences because you have so much to say all.of.the.time.

When I get you out of the tub you ask me to hold you like a baby. I think you know that I love that...
You wake up happy. "Good morning, Mommy!"

When you drop something, instead of saying, "It dropped" you say, "It threw up." We don't know why you do this, but we laugh every time.

You look up to Lila and put your backpack on in the morning, like Lila, then you cry when she leaves for school.

Your relationship with your sister really happened this year. You discovered her and literally, the first word out of your mouth each morning is usually, "Lila?"

This, my sweet daughter, is what I've been waiting for...

You two play together; laugh together; lay together; argue together; eat together; pretend together; sing together.

I sometimes just step out of the room and stand by the door and listen. The giggling. The singing. The cuteness.

Vivienne, you are a delight.

Ever since you could speak, you'd hand me or your Daddy something and say, "Thank you."
You'd hand me your fork, "Thank you."
You'd hand me your book, Thank you."
You hand me your shoe, "Thank you."
You hand me a leaf, "Thank you."

You say it so many times a day.

And I feel like I could say that same thing to you a million times over.

Thank you, sweet Vivienne, for being my joy.

Thank you.

I am so glad you were born. And I am so honored to be your Mommy.

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet baby girl.

I love you to the moon and back again and again.

Your Mommy

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    Oh, how this post brought tears to my eyes. Such a sweet and beautiful post.

    And what an incredibly sweet girl Vivi is. Every time I see a photo of her it makes me laugh and smile....she is definitely her own person and that is fantastic!! I can't believe how much she has grown up in this past year.

    Sending HUGS and lots of love to Vivi!!

    1. We gladly accept your love and hugs. Thank you, FRIEND!

  2. You're lying. She is not 2!?!

    Happy Birthday, Vivienne! She just looks like sweet and kind soul.

    1. It's the truth: she's 2 AND she's sweet and has a kind soul. When she's not yelling. :)


    "It threw up" is HILARIOUS!

    Have a wonderful day Miss Vivienne Kate. How can you be three??????

  4. Thank you - I know my math bad - TWO! YAY!

    1. Um, YOU had bad math? I'm the one who originally wrote that she was turning 3. :)

  5. Awww.....Happy Birthday Vivienne!!! 

  6. This was beautiful. So beautiful.

    Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Vivienne! I think it's really cool that you share a birthday with my Dad.

    I love Vivi's hats! Love them!

    And Ky? Thank you for your words on my blog today. This time YOU made ME cry.

    Love to you all!

  7. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl. From your words, she sounds like she has such a fun personality! You captured so much of that in your pictures! What a great keepsake for her one day. Vivienne and Evalyn are the top 2 girl names on our list right now! I love the name Vivi for short- my top pick for sure. Vivienne is a family name on my Mom's side, and we may just have to use it!

    1. Aw, thanks Jill! And I hope you choose Vivienne. It's a great name. So sweet when they're wee ones and also a name they can grow into. :)

      Evalyn is adorable, too. :) I quite like it.

      It's a win/win no matter what!

  8. I've been on my phone and not commenting but I wanted to tell you that I LOVED this and got all teary-eyed. These ladies of ours are really something. I'm SO happy they were all born :)

  9. Awww, I love this post. That first photo is absolutely gorgeous.


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