Comment much? Please participate in my poll.

1/18/2013 05:08:00 AM
(I love these flowers. They were at a breakfast I want to yesterday. Just lovely.)

So a while back I switched commenting systems on my blog and quit using the regular blogger one and started using Disqus. I thought, "If it's good enough for, it's good enough for me."

I liked it because it allowed me to respond to your posts.

Well, then people stopped commenting... [insert sad, woe-is-me face]. And ask any blogger. This makes us sad.

I'm watching my stats and ya'll are still reading (T H A N K  Y O U!), you're just not commenting. 

So, answer me this, please:

How do you feel about the comments thingy on my blog?
I use it. It's fine with me!
I used to comment, but this current system is confusing.
I hate it. Go back to the old way and I'll comment again.
I will never comment on your blog.

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  1. i would add a poll item/option to say "I LOVE the comment section of your blog and wish other blogger friends would use it, too". i really do love the comment system you have in place.

  2. Disqus is blocked at work (where I have the most time to read blogs), so I sadly don't usually comment. Still enjoy reading though!

  3. I don't mind the new comment system at all. I created an account, it was easy and I use that when commenting. I don't get on disqus regularly, but I think your comments/replies are emailed to me so I have no reason to get on. I like it!

    I will say this. I think blogging/commenting in general is just down. I know WHEN I post, I don't get many comments. I feel like I am posting blogs for about 4 or 5 people to read and 1 or 2 people comment :) I know I am also one of those people who will read blogs at lunch but I don't have time to comment. I hate commenting on my phone so I will usually wait until I have an hour of free time and mass comment on a few weeks worth of people's blogs. As we have one desktop and Terry is in school, I lose dibs on computer time at home!!

    I also think, by the time we have free time and can catch up on and comment on facebook, twitter, instagram and then read news/gossip/ect.....that we don't have time to write comments on blogs. It kinda stinks, but I know personally my brain feels fried.

    I wonder what direction blogging is going. If it is fading out? I prefer blogging over things like twitter or instagram, but sometimes I have more time for the latter and it is more phone friendly, you know?!


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