2013 Screen Actors Guild Fashion Recap

I'll tell you what, ya'll.


For some reason the red carpet bored me to tears. TEARS. I'm so not inspired to write this post. A lot of black. Quite a lot.

Let's dig right in, shall we?


While I hate her choker, I love this dress. Helen Hunt has an incredible body. Gorgeous.

(Love the bracelets, too.)

Amanda Seyfriend. I hate that necklace. But the fit of that dress is pretty impeccable, I mean really.

(This little lady annoys me.)

Hey, Amanda Seyfried, this is how you wear a necklace to the SAGs.

Nicely done, Busy Phillips. You look gorgeous. I love when pregnant ladies show their bumps.

Jennifer Lawrence. I'm not blown away. Or, shall I say, I'm not dead from a bow in my heart.

This gown is just okay.

I hate that necklace.

But she had walking pneumonia so I suppose she gets a Get Out of Jail Free card.

This is Jessica Pare and Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men.

See what I mean?

Could these gowns be anymore boring?

Jessica's (left) isn't flattering at all. Elisabeth's (right) is completely and 100% dreary. (Yes, sequins can still be dreary.)

I believe Alec Baldwin has a cat on his head?

And.... more black.

Amy Poehler... boring.
Claire Danes... also boring.

For once I'm pleased with Lea Michelle from Glee because she perked it up.

It appears to be an ill-hemmed (look at it) bridesmaid dress. (Great color, though.)

Frida Pinto, who incidentally is GORGEOUS and in her 20's, looks so ridiculously matronly in this gown. Horrendous. Disappointing. So sad.


This is Edie Falco wearing an unfortunate lace gown.

(Look at her face. She knows she's made a mistake.)

This is Mayim Bialik also wearing a lace dress. I'd like to say it's far better than her last award's show gown.

Improvement. 10 points.

(I love the sleeves and the collar. This was nearly a best dressed for me. I LOVE IT.)

I don't think I even need to say anything about Gabrielle Carteris.

I did, however, enjoy the original 90210 quite a lot and wish to think of those happier times instead of dwell on today.

I'd like to applaud Jane Krakowski for wearing a COLOR. However, the belt seems weirdly placed.

I've got to give it to January Jones for always going big.
She's daring.
I'll give her that.
Scary, but daring.

Is something off about Julia Styles? She looks like Bea Arthur.

...and the most adorable of the night?

Mr. Timberlake and the little girl from Mad Men.

I don't know who Jamie Alexander is but, first off, she's gorgeous.
Secondly, this is a killer gown. It's just a lot of fabric for someone so, so, so thin.

Nina Dobrev looks stunning! I love the sleeves, earrings, cut.

LOOK.AT.HER.WAIST. (How is this possible?) Stunning.

Julianne Moore is beautiful. This dress is gorgeous, but it's ill-fitting in the boob area. No?

More black.

(Are you sleeping throughout this post yet?)

I know! It's killing me, too.

...and more black.

...and more black.

This is a nightgown.

 And, my best dressed...

1st runner up...

Jessica Chastain: THANK YOU!

Thank you for dressing appropriately. You look gorgeous.


And the best dressed of the night?

Jennifer Garner.

I love me a woman who laughs with her whole mouth.

I want to be her friend.

Gorgeous dress. Great hair.


Worst Dressed:

Quite honestly, this is just too easy.


Anne, can you hear me yelling your name?  I'm yelling it because I loathe your dress. And your shoes. And your hair.

I loathe it.

It's stupid.

That's it. 

What did you think? Were you as bored as I was? Did you burn through your DVR just so you could get the SAGs over with so you could watch Downton Abbey?



  1. Ha! Even though you're bored, I still think you're funny. I'm digging gold these days. I completely agree with your best dressed.

    And worst, too. Anne Hathaway looks gross though, no matter how she dresses. She needs to eat some cake.

    1. Sarah, thank you. I LOVE the gold, too. And I think there is something universally UN-likeable about Anne Hathaway.

  2. Jennifer Garner has been rocking it! She looks great. I like Amanda Seyfried's dress. I do not like Amanda Seyfried.

    Is Julie Bowen's dress leather? If so, I like it. Even though it's black, it's different. I like different.

    1. Jennifer HAS been rocking it.

      And yes, Julie Bowen's dress had some leather. It was different, I'll give you that. And she looked FAR better than her co-star, Sophia Vergara.

  3. Did you see Marion Cottilard's dress? I loved it! I also thought Tina Fey's black dress was stunning on her and the fit was great. It was the best I've seen her look. But, I do agree that all of the black gowns were so boring. I hope they do better at the Oscars.

  4. Jessica Chastain is awesome - and a bad ass in that movie. Did you see it? Holy wow.

    PS - I tried like hell to download Downtown Abbey last night and what I ended up with was switching my app store to the UK version and now I cannot get it back. I don't know how many pounds something costs!?!?! PPS - Still cannot watch Downtown Abbey.

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