"Wives with Beehives" -- did you see this?

12/27/2012 09:17:00 PM
This is Dollie from "Wives with Beehives." She commented on this post. Check out the comments.

Because there is absolutely nothing on T.V. I happened upon a new show on TLC, "Wives with Beehives" tonight.

Have you seen this?

It follows four women who have chosen to live a "vintage" lifestyle. Uh-huh. They're all about embracing the 50's in their wardrobes, hair, furniture selections and even marriages.

One Beehive (who did not have a beehive) said that she loved the happiness of the 50's and she just really wanted to emulate that everyday. But ya'll? These were the most caddy and ridiculous women I have seen in quite some time. They were competitive and silly. I couldn't stop watching, though. Why? Because when I was a kid I loved the retrospective displays in the Henry Ford Museum that showed kitchens and living spaces from the various decades. I like the old stuff.

I'm a dork like that.

So seeing the mid-century furniture in their houses and kitschy nicknacks was cool... but these women were seriously The Bad Girls Club in corsets, pointy bras, June Cleaver dresses and gloves.


I think they were silently frustrated because they don't have email addresses and iPhones.

P.S. I chuckled the eight-year-old daughter of one of the Beehives declared, "I HATE VINTAGE." when asked if she liked her Mom's style.

Tee hee. Good luck with that.

Update 12/28/12 - 10:56 a.m. MT:  Now that Dollie from the show has commented on this post, I feel bad. Yep - seems like the producers of the show created the drama and made her out to be a bit of a monster. :( Check out Dollie's blog here! http://missdolliedeville.blogspot.com/



  1. I missed the beginning but saw enough to learn that Dolly is a first class beeotch! Did wives of the '50's sport giant tattoos on their arms? ~Meow~

  2. You realize this is all fake right? The producers made it all up and basically scripted it. They edited everything I said together and patched it up to make me look like a bitch. I had high hopes that they would actually explain why we love this lifestyle, but all TLC cares about is creating fake drama. -Dollie

  3. I thought they were all beautiful and I love the styles from that era. It looks like it takes a lot of effort and dedication to keep up with it. I was sold and I actually liked Dollie the most!

  4. Heather (Chicago Mom)7:36 AM, December 28, 2012

    Wow - you actually had a cast member comment!!? I can't wait to watch this! I loved the Henry Ford museum for the same reason. And the futuristic stuff at Epot!!

  5. Dollie, thanks for the comment. Eek. You're not the first reality-show star to blame the producers. I can respect that - they're controlling everything and have the power to skew and manipulate. I have to admit, at the beginning of the show you were absolutely my favorite -- you looked adorable, I loved your couch... but then as the show went on I was so disappointed. I couldn't believe you were being such a villain. Was this a one-time special or an on-going show? TELL ME you got paid handsomely.

  6. As for now it is only a pilot. They had a lot of great footage of me and my husband in our home, and me saying nice things very eloquently. They used some chopped up bits in the beginning, but the last half was a train wreck. No, not handsome pay. They say all this stuff about how great the show will be to get you to sign the dotted line. Then they filmed over all summer and paid us $500 a piece. Then I see the show air and find out I was the villain? I got my name raked through the mud, I am getting death threats, and America hates me. Not worth the cost of a trip to the market, and a Christmas gift for my husband (which is what I did with the money). I am counting my lucky starts that it doesn't go forward. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  7. he he, I am soooooo a normal down to earth person. I have Liked every comment on FB and responded to every message and email. :) Fun tips about me that the show didn't care to include- I am a career woman, I pay all household expenses 50/50, I am the president of my own ladies club (The Honeybees Ladies Club, on FB), I run a popular blog, I have a laptop, iphone, new car and flat screen tv. But this made up stuff is more exciting I guess!

  8. Ok, so it's duly noted that you indeed DO have an email address and iphone. :)

  9. I MUST find this show and watch maybe half an episode. :)

    I give props to Dollie for responding to your post. I enjoyed reading your conversation with her. I smiled.

  10. I thought it was fun and pretty. A nice break from the sadness. People are so mean and cruel. I hope it comes on again just to lighten the mood.

  11. I have to say I am actually happy to hear that this is fabricated. As a vintage clothing seller and a true lover of all things vintage, I was pretty irritated with the way the lifestyle was portrayed. Maybe someday they will make a show that accurately depicts what we love and why but I don't hold out high hopes. So sorry you were taken advantage of this way. :(

  12. Congratulations you now have bumped "Doris" out of the most recent "rockabilly it girl" spot. you looked cute though and all before VLV. So at least you will have fun in Vegas being the life of the party.


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