Tighter hugs.

After work on Friday I hugged my girls a little longer. We played a little longer. I prayed with them a little longer.


I love these two precious beings. And I'm so thankful for the joy they bring to my life.

I love their silliness and giggles.

I love their focus and creativity.
And truth? I love that they love crafts.

I love that they look to us for approval and praise.

I love their imaginations.

And I love seeing them care for others. Even stuffed hippos need birthday cake.

I love their love for one another. Because sometimes you need to hug before your big sister goes to school.

And I love that they believe that sometimes there's no better place to be than in their Daddy's arms. 

I love that they like sparkle. This one grabbed my sparkle shorts from my closet and said, "WOW!" and then immediately put them on.

And I love that this one thinks she might be a princess.

Because she is.

I love that this one has smoothly transitioned into the joker of our family. The one who makes us all laugh all.of.the.time.

 I love the innocence.

I love each day.

And I know he does, too.

Oh, we are so thankful for them.

We love you Lila Ross and Vivienne Kate. That's all there is to it.


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  1. This makes my heart happy. One question... Why do you have sparkle shorts? ;)


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