Potty training. Lice. Tea tree oil.

12/11/2012 03:53:00 PM
My life has been absorbing me lately.

1. Vivienne has started to potty-train herself. More on that later.
2. Lila has had a brief (I hope) interlude with exactly 5 lice. (I think that's plural.)
3. Tea tree oil kills lice VERY effectively. And, it hopefully doesn't kill brain cells like the other alternatives.
4. Lice-combing is very, very time consuming. Hence the lack of blogging.
5. My head has itched for more than 48 hours because I think I have lice, but I'm told I don't.
6. Work is insane. Trying to unveil a new website for work. It's a lot of work. Which is when Craig reminds me that work isn't called "vacation" for a reason. (Love him.)
7. I am EXCITEDLY AWAITING the arrival of a new niece. Anytime now, I hope! (This could be days... not any second.)
8. I am hoping to blog more tonight. But #6 keeps getting in the way.




  1. OMG - who's having a baby!?!? yay!! also, i think it's louse/lice, so you've got it correct. i don't blame you for itching. and being stressed. hang in there!! hugs. and about a 12-week countdown to when i see you. something like that.

  2. Blargh. Now I think I have lice....

  3. Way to go Vivi with the self-potty training! That is awesome!

    Boooooo, lice. That would totally freak me out.

    I hear you on work. BLAH.

    YAY for a new niece!!


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