My Current Product Faves: Review time

12/29/2012 11:01:00 AM
In my exceedingly important life quest of finding the best mascara on the planet I've written more than 12 posts evaluating various products. (See here.)

I've got a couple of more than are worth trying. I'm loving this Lancome Hypnose Star mascara. ($28 on sephora. See here.) First off, the sparkles on the bottle are kind of awesome. (Yep, I just wrote about the bottle.) But, the brush is great, too. Thick, luscious (horrible word), lashes.

I'm a fan. I've bought this several times and I keep coming back to it.

Next up, my sister gifted me the Too Faced Better than False Lashes set. (She supports my quest.)

First, you curl your lashes, put on the mascara (black brush), then add the feather-like, nylon lashes (white brush) to your lashes and top with as many coats of mascara as you'd like.

The first time I applied the white feather-like lashes I covered my entire lashes from tip to eyelid. That was a mistake. The little wispy lashes got all up in my contacts. (First-world problem.) So, for subsequent applications I made sure to just put the feather-like wand on the ends of my lashes. That's the way to go. Made all the difference.

My review - it definitely makes your lashes look longer and thicker! The con: the mascara is super-sticky. So, I've used the lash extender (white brush) with my regular mascara and I like that combo.

This little duo is on Sephora for $35. See here.


Next up, I love eye creams and all anti-aging products and I'm another quest to fight crow's feet. My current fave is the Ole Henricksen Ultimate Life Eye Gel. The website says that it fights puffiness and dark circles and I truly think it does. It's a gel, too -- so it dries quickly. I'm a fan. I'm buying it again. On Sephora for $38. See here.
And.. those are my current product faves. Do you have anything that you're using that you love? That I should try? Please tell me in the comments!



  1. The most recent shopping thing I've done recently that has been life-changing is becoming a member of the Coach Factory site. I look ridiculous to myself for writing that, but I'm serious. I love that stuff but I'm the biggest tight-wad on the planet when it comes to buying things for myself. I totally made my own Christmas WITH A $13 WALLET!!! $13!!!!!!!!

  2. LOVE THIS! Must try OLE Henriksen eye gel. I did get that Laura Mercier tinted foundation and LOVE IT - thanks to your suggestion. They also recommended for me at Sephora (in store....I just love to LET THEM HELP ME), the correcting eye cream and eye brightening powder also by Laura. Amazing. In the am, I will do one eye and see a noticeable difference!

    I have also been using Clinique Intense Surge Moisturizer at night and am enjoying it. My skin is very dry. I don't know why it took me so long to realize that I have dry skin - my hands are dry every day, every hour, every why would my face be any different?

    Switched to MK eye makeup remover. Like it.


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