Lila Lunes: The Pickle and the Monkey

I'd like to reiterate what every parent of more than one child already knows: OH my, how could two children be so different?

My sweet Lila and my wacky Vivienne, oh how I love them.

Each day that I'm privileged to have them in my life I am simply astounded and appreciative of their differences.

I love the differences.

This parenting thing is cool.

Lila, my sweet Lila, she's growing into such a sweet and kind little creature.

"Are you ok, Mommy?" (After she accidentally bumps into me.)

"I don't love this food, Mommy." (After she tries gnocci and decides it's not for her.)

"You are so nice, Mommy." (After I help her with her "lessons".)

But then there's times when she's not so happy with me.

Like, when she's in time out. And I photograph her.

Lila picked out this outfit. And yes, that's Petal in her hands. Still.

And then there's this crazy little wild one.

Vivienne Kate, I cannot stop smiling because of her. She's always deviously laughing. And climbing. And jumping. And disregarding my admonishments. Spitfire is the word, no?

And the faces! The expressions! One doesn't ever have to question Vivi's emotions.

Then there's the friendship that's happening.

They're building their stories.


I'm happy to be a witness to this. No wait, I'm overjoyed to be a witness to this.

And then there's this guy. He's just as smitten with these two, as well.

He plays with them. And smiles with them. And listens to them.

Just the other day the four of us were walking out of the house and Lila was dressed as she always dresses (skirt, fancy shoes, fancy shirt, hair things...) and Vivienne was bouncing as she excitedly walked with us and I looked up at him and he was just smiling...

...I know that smile because I have the same one.

We just never knew the joy these two would bring us. Nope. We had no idea how cool this job would be.

In the mornings, Lila wakes up and we can hear her. The other day we woke up to this. 

(Don't mind Vivi. She's just being Vivi.)

It was a paper trail of pictures and drawings placed just as it should be and Lila was so proud to show it to us.

I have to admit that I love having girls. The princess stuff. The tiaras. The dresses.

Princess Vivienne Kate was so proud. So regal.

She paused in the hallway just so I could take her picture. "Mommy? Cheese."

Sweet girl.

And next? The many faces of Vivienne Kate.

Even though this picture is blurry, it makes me smile. 

Lila has a new habit of tilting her head whenever we take her picture; Vivienne, as always, has to do what her sister does...

Little baby Vivi-pigs.

The hair. Oh, the hair.

She hates having her hair brushed just about as much as I do.

How can I make her do as I say and not as I do? It's easy; I don't. At least not on the weekends...

We don't need to do our hair on the weekends. Or change out of our pj's on weekends.

House rule.

We must, however, do our hair during the week.

My little Christmas tree decorating helper.

Note yet another Vivi-face.

Why does my 3.5-year-old look like she's 14?

Oh, these sweet girls.

I love 'em. I do.



  1. Love the Vivi-pigs picture! <3

  2. So cute! Im loving the adventure of parenting also and think having two girls is just amazing, isnt it? Im sure you agree there is something special about witnessing the budding friendship between two sisters, that you hope lasts forever!


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