If you have a toddler and you don't have this, buy it.

*I did not receive compensation for writing this post. Nope, I just like the product and wanted to write about it.

We bought the Little Tikes jump'n slide bouncer after several people recommended it and I am so pleased that we did.

Of course, it fits in the yard. But it also fits on our patio and potentially your basement. (My cousin lives in Chicago and she was one of the originals who recommended this. She has it set up in her basement and it's the perfect winter-weather activity.)

There are actually two jumpers like this, as well. One without a shade on top and one with. (We bought without because we wanted to mainly use it on our patio so I could watch the ladies from the house while they were jumping. (Our backyard is down about 12 rocky stairs and it makes me crazy-nervous.)

My ladies love this thing. They're 3.5 and almost 2 and they literally bounce and bounce and bounce and then they sleep and sleep and sleep.


How great is Vivienne's face below?

It's a bit of an investment, but I'm assuming it will last for quite some time. The bouncer comes with a 90-day warranty and it's extremely easy to set up and roll-back up.

Honestly, I love this thing. So do the girls.

The roof-less bouncer is on amazon for $219.99.

The bouncer with a shade is on amazon for $279.99.



  1. We have friends down the street who bought this. I was going to get it for my kids next summer!! They love it too.

  2. Very cute, but I don't know if I'm ready for something like that. Plus here, it would just kill our grass if we left it out, but I guess we could do it on the deck. Such cute little faces of joy!

  3. Fun!! Do you have to run the air pump all the time while it's being used? If so, how loud would you say it is?

  4. Hmm what a smart cousin you have! My mom got this right before Ava's 1stbday and its still in great shape. During the winter she keeps hers in the basement as well. I agree its great, def worth theit money! all the kids love it, Violets been a fan since about 9 mos and my oldest nephew is almost 5 and still gets a kick out of bouncing!

  5. This looks amazing. It's officially on my wish list. :)

  6. It's pretty awesome. I jump in it, too. The total weight limit is 250.

  7. Yep - the air pump is always on. When we use it in the yard, the "hummm" doesn't bother me. When we use it on our patio, I can definitely hear it. It's not overwhelmingly offensive, but it's definitely audible... However, most of the time Lila and Vivi are louder than it. :)

  8. It definitely would kill your grass if you left it out. You'd want to take it in, though - so the sun wouldn't fade it. It's really easy to put up and take down.

  9. You totally should. I bet H. and K. would LOVE it. And they sleep SO WELL after an hour of bouncing!

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