I love Christmas.

12/26/2012 10:23:00 PM
I remember our first Christmas in Cabo. I was weirded out. It was sunny. I'm an Ohioan. Christmas means cold.

Then, thankfully, nightfall came... and I felt it. It felt like Christmas. Now, several Christmases in Cabo later, I've come to realize that weather has little influence on my Christmas joy. But time of day helps, because when darkness falls it feels more like Christmas.

 So, here I am preparing gifts. Being Martha. Ignore the exaggerated head-tilt. :)

So we started the holiday weekend out doing it right: baking.

I was wearing no makeup and Lila was wearing her "baking hat". (LOVE HER.)

This year, she was big into the flour. REAL big into using the flour. :)

Mini aprons are fantastic.

I have the best sugar cookie recipe in the universe. At least, I think it is. And the ladies love it, too. :) (Let me know if you want it!)

So next came the decorating.

Someone decided to just eat her cookies instead of frost them. Who can blame her? And who can get mad at that face?!

And then it was Christmas Eve.

Meet my 13-year-old daughter, Lila Ross Pickle.

Oh wait, she is a toddler, still. :)

Lila and Vivi's Mimi bought them their Christmas dresses and they loved them. :)

Love these two! Lila Ross, 3.5 years and Vivienne Kate, 23 months.

So yeah, there were meltdowns.

We tried for a family shot. We thought 3 out of 4 of us looking at the camera was pretty good.

Vivi is very happy in this one. :)

Vivienne and her Daddy.

Me and my baby girl. Sigh. They grow up so quickly.

I'm a Mom.
These are my daughters.
Whose life am I living?!
This is so cool.

So we've started a tradition borrowed from my sister: Christmas Eve means new jams and a book. As you can see from Vivi's face, she liked her pajamas...

Lila was pleased with her book, too. (Fancy Nancy's splendiferous Christmas.)

Fun stuff.

So after the opening there was the dancing. Vivi sort of loves Justin Bieber's, "Under the Mistletoe." (I might love it, too. Shhh...) She sings the "Shorty with you..." line. It's kind of ridiculously cute.

 And, then she fell. So she needed a hug.

Then my sister arrived and Vivi still was in the hugging mood.

Lila was THRILLED because her cousin, Clo, arrived. She adores her.

And, my nephew was in Mexico City earlier in the day and GUESS WHAT HE BROUGHT BACK FOR HIS AUNT KY?

KRISPY KREME donuts made FRESH that day. (No Krispy Kreme in Cabo.)


I got a hat, too!

Lila was all smiles.

Vivi was speechless, donut in hand.

Lila loves her Aunt T.

Another happy smile.

And, another happy smile. :)

Then, bedtime came and Santa dropped off the gifts.

We got the girls a mini roller coaster this Christmas knowing that this was right up Vivi's alley. We figured that she'd be on it FIRST thing in the morning...

Then it was Christmas morning...

...and look who immediately went to the roller coaster and climbed on top?

Our fearless lady.

Santa left  a letter, drank his milk and ate his cookies.

And Lila was pleased to report that.

She was just so excited.

It took a while to get Vivi off of the roller coaster and focused on opening gifts...

And the gift-opening began. (I'll spare you all of those pics.)

Here's Vivi reading her, "No Hitting" book. :)


A quick movie of the girls opening their gifts...


Ferg loved her new ball!

Kind of blurry, but Ferg was pumped.

Heels and desserts.

More heels.

All in all it was a fabulous day filled with rollercoastering, food, movies and pajamas.

In fact, the girls changed their jams at the end of the night and put on different jams. Because that's the way it should be.

By this time, they were over one another.

Merry Christmas  from my little ladies!

And goodnight!

It may sound cliche and trite, but it was a perfect day and I am so thankful and blessed.

It was a good, good day.



  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing the photos :-)

  2. That looks like an AMAZING Christmas! Like you, it is cliche, but our Christmas day was perfect....even with a meltdown or two :)

    I love seeing all these photos, I just can't believe how much your girls have grown! They are just so cute and SO fun :)

    And the videos are great. I LOVE that Vivi didn't hold on when she went down the roller coaster...fantastic.

    Merry Christmas, friend!!

  3. Love this, love the outfits and the facial expressions....specifically C's in the last one. HILARIOUS! Merry merry to you all - love you!

    Looks like a wonderful Christmas :)

  4. Heather (Chicago Mom)7:38 AM, December 28, 2012

    Your girls dresses are so pretty and you got some great pictures of them!! OK that roller coaster thing is AWESOME. Your kids are so lucky! :-) P.S. I'm totally going to copy you and get that mint green watch from Anthropologie. I think you put a pic on Instagram?

  5. I read this the day you posted it, but couldn't respond from my phone. I enjoyed every bit of this post. What a fun and beautiful day you had. I'm so glad!

    Can I just ask, though, when did Lila turn 13? She looks like such a big girl now. . . it kind of makes my heart sad.

    So happy you had a great day! Love you!!


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