I am Suzy Homemaker today.

1. I attempted to poach eggs for the first time ever this morning. It worked well. And since I don't have a fancy egg-poaching pan I used a mason jar lid to keep the egg's shape. Worked.

2. I created a meatless lasagna: cottage cheese (no ricotta at the grocery), sauteed garlic, onion, mozzerella, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, sauce... I'm hoping I've hit it out of the park. Based on my past creations, this will be a strike and we will have cereal for dinner. (Sorry in advance, Craig.)

3. I made a pieroggi casserole with my leftover lasagna noodles and FROZE it. As in, I CREATED A MEAL BEFORE I NEEDED IT SO THAT WE COULD EAT IT LATER. This is big for me. I don't have meal forethought.

Still, lest you think I'm Suzy Homemaker every day - take a look at this video of Lila and Vivi and you'll see what our life is always like.

Ignore my voice. And my laugh.


Update as of 9:39 p.m.: The lasagna was great. I mean, seriously.

No one is as shocked as I am.



  1. oh my word. hilarious. vivi's playing along on her keys, and lila's like "i see your keys, and i raise you by, like, 36 keys!" and then it's all down hill from there... :) i shall continue to enjoy my non-mobile, non-verbal child while i can!!

  2. I LOVE the video..that is every single day in our house too. Sisters. Ah. I LOVE how little sisters always look at big sister crying like, "What? what is your problem? I'm just playing with this toy. Geesh." Hahaha.

    And I love your ending comment..."Ok, I have to parent now." So funny!

  3. I absolutely love the "Ok, I have to parent now" line... it made my day. You have two beautiful girls and this melted my heart... oh it happens. xoxo

  4. That video!! OMG love it. Seriously - you have captured what it is like to be a toddler!!

  5. Great job on the Lasagne!

  6. I love your girls. Also, Lila is wearing leg warmer's and it's 2012. Well done. Miss you guys! xoxo

  7. Look at you! Making a meatless lasagna, freezing a meal and poaching eggs...awesome! I applaud you.

    I have been so frazzled I burnt a rice and meat mixture for stuffed peppers this week. I forgot I had it on the stove and went upstairs to give Henry a bath. 40 minutes later and "what is that smell....HOLY SHIT THE RICE" and trying to salvage whatever I could. sigh.

    And that video is FANTASTIC. Lila LAYING on the piano, I cracked up. And Vivi not even caring and just walking away with it. Priceless.


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