Ya'll*. I'm serious.

11/12/2012 10:33:00 AM
So yesterday I sat down to blog and my 2006 computer (MY OTHER ONE IS STILL IN THE SHOP WAITING FOR THE PART TO BE MAILED TO CABO. I COULD HAVE FLOWN TO THE STATES AND PICKED IT UP AND BROUGHT IT BACK AND INSTALLED IT IN MY COMPUTER MYSELF BY NOW) took 45 minutes just to handle some mild photoshop action.


So I threw in the towel, ate an English Muffin (is the "M" capitalized? Seems like the proper name for any foodstuff hailing from across the pond should be capitalized. I'm sure they'd much prefer it that way. They're rather uppity at times, no?) slathered with butter and jelly and then went to bed.

So there.

More blogging tonight.

*While I'm not from a state that would traditionally infuse our daily vernacular with "ya'll", I happen to like it. I find it to be endearing. It's better than "you'ins" which is frighteningly acceptable among the older, farming sect in the area of Missouri where my Mom calls home.



  1. "Ya'll" is probably the ONLY southern-ism I found useful while living there (and not annoying). It still makes an appearance occasionally.

  2. I also like 'ya'll'. Our friends say 'yinz'. Ug.


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