While you're shopping this holiday season. Use Giveback.org.

11/18/2012 09:57:00 PM
*Nope, I'm not compensated for this post. I'm writing it because I love giveback.org.

Basically, you start a foundation of your own so that you can give back to whichever organizations and charities that you choose after you shop online. (See my first post about the process here.)

It's simple.

You visit giveback.org, click on one of the MANY merchants that are involved with them, and shop.

They're associated with everyone! (Almost.)

Basically, your website browser will remember that you started at giveback.org and selected a merchant from their list, say, potterybarn.com or apple.com and it will give you back anywhere from 2% - 5% from your purchases so that you can give it to whomever you want.

Or, even easier - add the giveback.org app to your browser (firefox or chrome) and it will recognize all giveback.org partnered sites as soon as you visit them.

And, better yet? Giveback.org just announced that we users can now get 4% back from all Amazon purchases. Awesome!

SO, dear friends - giveback this holiday season, ok?


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