On Halloween. Tinkerbell & Snow White

So, let the record state that I absolutely loathe Halloween. I strongly feel that everyday there are enough creepy people roaming around that we don't need to celebrate them on their own special day.

I don't like zombies or dead people walking. Or vampires or any of that nonsense. I also never can think of clever Halloween costumes like some of my talented friends, therefore I quietly stand on the sidelines and patiently wait for the BEST holidays of the year: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But, alas, having children has changed me yet AGAIN.

Oh, these two...

That would be [De]Lila[h], (yep, she's still going by Delilah), the three-year-old Tinkerbell.

And Vivi Kate the nearly two-year-old (gasp!) Snow White.

Halloween is much more palatable when these two are involved.

Lila was pretty pumped that she got to wear her Tink costume to escuela. Naturally, Vivi needed to put hers on at 7:30 a.m., as well.

I apologize for all of these next ba-jillion photos, but I have to. I mean, come on.

Look at Vivi's sheer **delight**.

The hand-holding kills me. Oh, these two...

Lila's tiara was too big so she kept telling Craig and I, "My head needs to be bigger."

And Vivi and that wand? She was just waving, waving, waving it.

Do you see how Vivi is staring at her? This is a normal gaze. It's the, "EVERYTHING YOU DO IS HILARIOUS AND I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE THE BEST" look.


So Vivi looks.

And P.S. See how small those pumpkin totes are? Yep - that means trick-or-treating can end a LOT sooner. Lila's filled up and she said, "Ok, let's go home now!"


And please notice how cute Vivi's shoes are.

So off we went.

Lila - she was slightly sullen at first. Pumping herself up silently.

Vivienne? She was READY TO GO. I truly wish you could hear her say, "Trick or Treat" in her little teeny, tiny voice with mini lisp. "Twick-oh-thweet."

Let's do this.

So we went to about 10  houses, which happened to be just enough and the girls did well. Vivi was more free with the, "Trick or Treat" vocalizing, but both did well with the, "gracias" part. It's amazing to me that already Vivi is a strength to Lila... When Lila is nervous and clams up, Vivi jumps in and speaks for her. Already.

Support. Subtle, kind, sisterly support.


Anywho, we got home and they each got one piece of candy.

Lila ate her M&M's quickly and then tried to trick Vivi into giving her some of hers. It worked.

Vivi loved that peanut butter cup, though...

...so much so that it was slightly impossible to get that pumpkin-full-o-candy away from the little one...

Ya'll, it was a great night.

Halloween was slightly awesome SOLELY because of Vivienne and Lila Ross.

Perhaps that holiday has slightly redeemed itself.

Ah, children...



  1. They look AMAZING!!! Zofia is into all things Disney so these pictures cause major freak-out. The ladies have done the same thing for Louis with Halloween. Kids make stuff fun!!

  2. This was adoreable! My those kids have grown! Not fair...it makes me remember how little you were when you came to our church! That makes me feel old! Lol Also, this reminds me of when your mom was our sr. High Sunday school teacher and she wouldn't let us have a halloween party! Lol we hd to have an autumn harvest party...nothing scary or evil it was fun! However I still dressed at a pretty devil and explained that the devil was part of the Bible! ;)

  3. Kylee, they looked sooooo cute. They are really growing up. Can't wait to see them again.

  4. So much cuteness!!! Love both their costumes. Is Delilah her real name?


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