Lila and her turtle.

So I took Lila to a turtle release last Friday. It's one of the cool perks about living in Cabo - we get to see baby sea turtles returned to the ocean after they're hatched here on earth. (Yes, earth.)

This wasn't Lila's first rodeo. Last year, she SCREAMED at the turtles and wouldn't hold one. It was ridiculous.

This year, I prepped her and gave her the high points: baby sea turtles, at the beach, in our hands, back on the beach, into the ocean, done.

So, we started off with some playing. She was making strawberry cake with pancakes. (Carbs!)

I love this kid.

Next, it was time for the release.

Meet Tinkerbell, as named by Lila.

Lila immediately held this baby turtle.

I was shocked.

She actually held it and petted it and giggled when she held it up and it air-swam. She loved it.

...and then it was time to put it on to the sand to travel along with her 400+ friends back to the ocean.

She watched... quietly... hesitantly...

...and THEN during the peaceful turtle release, my daughter, my sweetie, started WAILING.



"Because I want to keep Tinkerbell. I love her. I LOVE HER, MOMMY."

So what did I do?

I swiped "Tinkerbell" off the sand and gave her back to Lila and told her that she could hold her longer...

And she did.

And then it was time to let her go, like for real.

My sweet, caring, adorable, reptile-loving little child CRIED for FORTY-FIVE minutes as she grieved the loss of Tinkerbell.

Ignore my hair.

So yeah, see? It's all relative, guys.

The loss of a turtle that she knew for 3 minutes was HUGE for her.

I get it.

Life's tough. For 3-year-old, too.



  1. I want to do this SO BAD. I love sea turtles... and not just because they are hilarious in Finding Nemo.

    Perhaps next year, Lila will be in the middle of the two extremes?

  2. Who doesn't love baby turtle's.

  3. Awwww. I think Keira would react the same way. Poor Lila!

  4. What an amazing experience and how sad for her at the same time! Our son at this age used to cry whenever anything was finished or over. We also have many pictures of his sad little face.


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