Ladies Lunes: My girls.

Oh, these ladies.

I love that Vivi is eating a fake cookie in this picture.
(Pardon the quality - photoshop on the old computer takes tooooo long.)
Because I could write and write and write about them all day long, I'll attempt to be brief. Meaning: I will write 5 points about each one.

Lila Ross (3 years and 5 months)

Ignore the ill-placed watermark.

1. The reading. The book-love is out of control.
2. She utilizes the word, "actually" and each time she uses it, I melt.
3. She is the BEST EATER in all.of.the.universe. She will eat anything. I adore that about her.
4. She still cries when her hair is washed or brushed. We're going on 3 years and 5 months of that.
5. She regularly plays pretend cooking and her favorite "pretend" thing to make is strawberry cake with pancakes on top. That's my girl.

Vivienne Kate (1 year and 10 months)

That's her, "Oooh! I love this kitty so much" face.

1. Vivi doesn't appear to ever want to please us. No means no to Vivi. Meaning: we ask her to stop doing something and she says no. I think potty training is going to be hard with her. By this time, we were training Lila...
2. The happiness. Oh, the happiness. Vivi is happy.
3. The cuddle-muffin within is too much. Vivi *constantly* wants to be held. I don't hate that.
4. Vivi loves the shower and stands in it with the water running down her face. Like she's 35.
5. Vivi eats nothing but sandwiches, bananas, cheese and strawberries. She refuses pretty much everything else. I'm not kidding.

On to a few pics.

Lila's pretty big into dancing. Specifically to Yo Gabba Gabba's manners remix. "It's good to be polite... It's good to be polite... I'm sorry I got in your way... that's ok..."

(Not a lot of photos this week because Lila refuses to look at the camera. Ever. Instead, she's in the run-the-other-way phase.)

Princess Vivienne.

We did some painting with wine corks this weekend. Look how clean it was when we started! (Note they both had to wear headbands. What one does, the other does.)

And... this is how it ended.

She is so focused. And neat.

Vivi's learning. :)

This is what we ended with.

And then there was this...

So naturally this.

Ah, life.

It's always colorful.

I wouldn't have it any other way.



  1. such little cuties these girls. miss them!

  2. These pictures are just fantastic. Really, fantastic.

    Love Vivi rubbing her eyes. :)

  3. I just am always amazed at how different these two girls are. It is awesome.

    I am also amazed at how much and how quickly they are growing up. I cannot believe it.

    Finger fun! I want to do this with Henry, but know he will ingest more than what he will put on the paper.


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