Haircuts. Photos. Beer. Muffin Top and more.

11/08/2012 09:17:00 PM
Ah life. It's tricky right now. And by tricky, I mean BUSY. I know I'm not alone, though. No one has balance. And those of us who say that we DO have the perfect balance are lying. So, here's my stream of consciousness post for this Friday

First, ugh. These two. They kill me. I love them.

I need a haircut. I'm back to the quarterly "cut it" or "don't cut it" debate. I'm over the ombre. The blonde on the ends KILLED my hair. I believe I want to chop that off. We shall see.

Recording history.
Can you believe that we have never, as a family of four, had our photos taken? We've scheduled a time with a local photographer who I quite enjoy next week. I'm pumped. Ironically, my hair appointment is the day after our photoshoot. Irony.

Lila and Vivi were playing in Lila's room a couple of days ago.

Lila, sitting at the table, says to The Cake-inator (as she calls her little sister), who is standing by the pretend kitchen fridge, "Vivienne? Can you hand me a coke and a beer?"

Vivi opened the fridge and said, "Yeth."

I rolled my eyes. Parenting fail? I suppose. But at least she didn't ask her to hand her some meth and a crack pipe.

We're hittin' it out of the park, Craig.

Muffin top.
I have it. My "skinny jeans" are slicing into my abdomen right now. Shoot me. I wish it were socially acceptable to wear yoga pants to work.

Vivienne has one. And I love it. I find myself asking her questions that I know she'll answer in the affirmative because "yeth" (yes) and "thee" (si) are too.cute. I also love when she rocks her baby in her arms and tries to get her to sleep by saying, "Thhhhhhhhhh" instead of "Shhhhhhhh."

Holy mother of all things I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am that it's nearly the weekend.

I think I've developed them. 'Twas a lot of rain in Cabo as of late and our otherwise dusty desert has turned into a green, lush oasis and I keep sneezing, coughing and having eye-watering issues. This is new to me. I feel for all of you seasonal allergy victims.

Phone Etiquette.
I don't think it's ever acceptable for the CALLER to ask the person who answers the phone, "Who is this?"

Really? Because you called me.

Toddler Phone Etiquette.
Vivi loves my phone. So much so that she accidentally disables it more than once a day usually for 3 minutes, maximum. I was impressed today when she disabled it for 14 minutes. It's definitely her record.

And that's all for now, folks.

(How cute is that picture of The Cake-inator?)



  1. They are too cute. Oh my goodness.

    And, love your photo/hair timing. I can totally relate. My appointment was three days after our photoshoot.

    Tough to get everything done sometimes. Let alone time it all perfectly!

    Your hair always looks perfect no matter what!

  2. GOD I LOVE THIS POST! And you.

  3. -How did The Cake-inator come to be? I adore that
    -Every time we have a tea party Athena serves me wine. Erm... :/
    -Athena has a lisp too. Recently someone thought her name was Assina. Yes. I named my child ASSina.

  4. iPhone screenshot made me LOL. Vivi looks so innocent next to red WARNING I'M DISABLED! Too funny.

  5. Balance. I think it goes out the window once you hit the double digits. I had it when I was 9. . .

    This was a fantastically fun post.

  6. Oh, I hear you on the finding balance. I have yet to find it and Henry is 14 months. I keep hoping one day it will just click, but I am gathering that is not the case. *sigh*

    I think Vivi and Henry could go into business together. Henry has managed to find how to change settings on our phone or other electronics that we didn't know could be changed. He has deleted things that require multiple commands to delete. And if there is an electronic within 20 feet, he MUST touch it. :)

    I too wish yoga pants were acceptable. I would be so much happier and productive at work.


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