Ah, Mega. I love you.

11/05/2012 09:47:00 AM
So I was shopping at our neighborhood grocery store this weekend and needed to buy some bandaids for the ladies. They, as you can imagine, prefer any and all girly bandaids: princesses, my little pony, etc.

So, I'm 5' 4" (on a good day) and left the grocery store sans bandaids. Why?


Because they were on the HIGHEST shelf that no average human being could reach.


I briefly considered scaling the shelves but figured I wasn't going to pick up the items that fell to the wayside. Had Vivi not been throwing a fit right then, I would have considered it further... but alas, it wasn't worth it to me.

But you know what WAS almost worth it to me?


Nothing says, "Christmas in Cabo" like a pair of silver and gold-plated deer-things.

I hope my family isn't reading this post because I don't want them to be disappointed that they already know what they're getting for Christmas.

I must confess that I briefly considered purchasing the duo and spray painting them yellow or teal or something so that I could be trendy, hip and cool... But I just couldn't rationalize this $25 investment.

Ah, Cabo. Home to the finest choices and the most well-planned out shopping facilities in Latin America.


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  1. Ya should've grabbed the antlers and used them to reach the bandages! ;)


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