Words with Friends

10/19/2012 04:08:00 AM
As it appears I'm horrendous Words with Friends player. Basically I play so that other people can win. (You're welcome.

I like to think that I'm a slightly intelligent person; nothing too astounding, but I can hold my own. But I'm awful at this game.

Why? Two reasons: I don't have the patience for this game AND because I ALWAYS think of Spanish words that Words with Friends won't accept. I strongly feel that I should be able to use them. But I can't.


Until then, I will continue to make up words.



  1. Ha! When I was really into this game, I considered myself pretty good at it, however, the cheaters pissed me off so much, I quit. At least you are making up words & not using cheap apps. I commend you. (Zigo would be a good pet name!)

  2. If you want to win then play me!! I SUCK at this game. I suck at Song Pop too. I just shouldn't play these games. I need the tiles in front of me. I like to move them around and figure out words. I cannot do that with Words with Friends.

    And I think your words should count!


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