I adore eggs.

I love them so much. Every whicha-way: hard boiled, fried, poached, over-easy, scrambled...

Still, there is some sort of Universal Cooking Law for Kylee that states that I WILL break the yolk in the first two eggs I crack for my dippin' eggs EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.I.MAKE.THEM.

Friends, countrypeeps, I implore you: what am I doing wrong? Help me.

Thank you.

An EGGSasperated EGG lover.

(Tee hee.)



  1. An EGGSasperated EGG lover. heehee

    I make scrambled or poached to avoid egg yolk breakage. However, I have seen on cooking shows that they lightly tap the egg on the counter and then crack into a small dish and then pour into the frying pan at close range and that usually works! I do the same for my poached eggs :) good luck, I am sure you will do eggsellent!

  2. a couple of things on the topic:
    1). i put not breaking the yolk of an egg kind of on the same level of successfully folding a fitted sheet. i used to believe that becoming a mother automatically solved the problems (breaking the yolk and not folding a fitted sheet), but you are proving me wrong. cause your a mother.

    2). my aunt taught me how to do this successfully. you may not like all of what i have to say, but follow me: you have to grease up the pan really well. she used real (not fake) butter or bacon grease. this ain't weight-watcher friendly, but whatev. you get the grease/butter quite hot. you crack the egg and you have to keep it loose and not sticking to the pan until it's ready to GENTLY flip.

    3). practice makes perfect. you've got this!!

    1. Someone gave me a *great* tip for folding fitted sheets (when I got married to a man with a king-sized bed I was a bit frazzled come sheets and towels laundry day):

      Fold the bottom corners inside-out into the top corners. (Bottom-left into top-left, bottom-right into top-right) Then fold one corner inside-out into the other. This leaves you with one corner that can be pressed flat against itself and 3 other "corners" that are nice right angles and can be folded as a nice rectangle.

      I hope I'm explaining this well, it really was a miracle to my folding, and I understand the frustration, but I've never written it out before...

  3. I tap the eggs very lightly several times, not one big crack, on the side of a hard surface that has a thin edge. If the side of the pan is sturdy, this will work. If the bowl is thin, this will work. If the counter has a sharp edge, this will work. Rounded edges do not work.

    I get the pan hot first for a few minutes, then you can add cooking spray (although butter does sound better). Tap, tap, tap your egg on the sharp surface and gently but quickly open the shell. Did it work??

    Then you have to be patient with the eggs - turn down the heat and let the pan do the work. They will release on their own when they are ready. It does take a lot of practice and you have to know your own instruments. I can do this all the time, every time at home. Someone else's house? Not always.

  4. I know nothing of this. However, I'm having eggs for dinner. Thank you for mentioning them. Someone mentioned chocolate cake earlier & pregnant me was like "DINNER!" Eggs are much better & sound equally delicious. Silly, highly-impressionable cravings...


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