Um, because duh. It's the internet and NOTHING is private.

10/02/2012 09:46:00 AM
Facebook is continuing to use us.

Article here. Headline: "Facebook Sells More Access to Members."

My thoughts - if you're a business or a blog, work it. Use facebook like no tomorrow. If you're a human being who is somewhat touchy about your personal info, preferences and realationships on internet... re-think, delete, be cautious.



  1. I get this; it's what we do. I hate when it's used on me, but I use it on others. It's where it's going that scares me.

    I went to a social media conference yesterday that was all about linking 'cold calls' to personal data. It made me ill. For example, I don't want Rave (or any theater) contacting me about movie times and ticket prices just because I post about wanting to see The Campaign. It feels so much like spam to me.
    Sure, put an ad for The Campaign on my page, but don't message me. That's crossing a line.

    A lot of companies use software to find keywords and then contact people based on them. For example, there's a company that uses the keywords 'chocolate' and 'shoes'. If a woman 35 or older Tweets either of those words, this woman in the Boston area replies to them or messages them and says something like 'I love chocolate, too!' or 'I love shoes, too! Those are cute!'. All with the hopes that they'll see that she owns an online cupcake business and order cupcakes. And it works. 94% of her business comes from Twitter.

    I think it's because we're in this field that I'm so conflicted. We have to use the tools we have to reach our audience, but if someone ever messaged me about chocolate, I'd call her a creeper and block her. It would actually put a bad taste in my mouth about the company. It feels desperate on some levels.

    Sorry for the rambling comment. The timing of your post corresponded so well with the conference that I couldn't help but comment. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts. If someone Tweeted, 'My windows are drafty!' and Pella DMd you something like, 'Our windows are guaranteed to stop your draft! Check out our sale!', how would you feel? Maybe I'm too sensitive?

  2. On a lighter note, Matt at work and I like to post crazy, non-sensical posts on Facebook and see what ads we get. It's a good way to waste an afternoon. My favorite was something like, 'I'm going to wear my new green leotard in Jamaica'. I instantly got ads for rum, Bob Marley and ballet performances!

  3. Frankly, this is all terrifying. I understand the benefit for marketers (my world) -- but for people? I'm scared.

    Thanks for the awesome comment.


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